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Come Back Winston! Britain Needs You – Again!

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I dread to think what would have happened in 1939 if we had had the present government. Thankfully we didn’t, we had Winston Churchill and survived.

OK Winston - You Can Start With Today's Government!

It depresses me somewhat when I see Cameron and Clegg’s handling of the defence budget. Now, the First Sea Lord, a post held very successfully by Winston Churchill, has come out in opposition to the cuts made by the government. Sir Mark Stanhope made the message very clear, if the Libyan campaign goes on for more than 90 days we will, militarily, be in trouble.

HMS Ark Royal In The Falklands

He severely criticised the loss of the carrier Ark Royal and its fleet of Harrier jets, saying they would have been far more effective against Colonel Gaddafi than the RAF flying from bases in Italy, which, let’s face it, you can’t argue with. The Italian bases are one and a half hours flying time from the action, whereas Ark Royal’s aircraft would have been a mere twenty minutes away.

He made it quite clear however that he was not calling for a reversal of the Ark Royal/Harrier decision for it had been accepted by the Navy.

Says It All Really!

It was his opinion that should the campaign run on beyond the ninety day limit currently set, ships from home waters would be needed to fill the gap in the Mediterranean. So what the hell would we do if we got involved in a real war?

His remarks will no doubt be seen as an embarrassment to the Prime Minister and his deputy, but hey! If the truth hurts….tough! But not to worry, our illustrious armed forces chief General Sir David Richards, has said there is absolutely no cause for alarm and everything is under control. Yea right! He sounds like a politician.

Politicians always look firstly at defence when they need to make cuts in spending. Our armed forces have been cut to the bone during the last two decades and there will sure as hell come a time when we, as a country, will regret their rash decisions.

Plenty Around!

At home billions of pounds are squandered each year on inefficient bureaucracy and lame projects that in the long term do not work. New government departments are set up at huge cost only to close down within months. We are overrun with bureaucrats who do nothing positive to earn their inflated salaries, because in many areas of government there are ten managers working where one will be sufficient.

Billions Wasted on Such Items

Governmental departments waste billions of pounds annually when paying outrageously inflated prices (300-400%) for things like copier ink cartridges and other office materials.  

All this is going on from year to year but who gets hammered when its budget cut time, you guessed it, the military.


HMS Cumberland - Scrapped

It is no wonder US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates expressed his dissatisfaction at the recent NATO meeting. With the loss of Ark Royal (our last remaining carrier) and its Harrier jets, as well as the surveillance aircraft Nimrod plus a few other ships like HMS Cumberland, we are eating into the ability of our military to fulfill its commitments, and more serious, defend our island.

Sure, money does have to be saved to get us out of the monstrous debt which was Labour’s legacy to the present government, but there are better and more efficient ways than clobbering the military, like starting with government itself.

There Will Come A Time....Soon!

I have no doubt there will come a time, in I would think about five years, when we will need our armed forces badly but to find out why you will need to read my next post. There can be little doubt that if we continue as we are they will not be able to help us. Only time will tell if I am right or not.


Is NATO Doomed?

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After having worked for NATO for the last twenty five years up to my retirement, the scathing words from Defence Secretary Gates of the USA come as no surprise.

NATO Headquarters – Brussels

During the Cold War the partnership of the USA and NATO countries formed a bastion against Soviet aggression in the West,  and thereby proved its value. Since that time however, the club has got bigger, but  commitment to the Alliance has diminished.

NATO – A Short History:

Too may nations, who in the past were so anxious to join NATO, have proven by their lack of commitment that their membership is in name only. Whenever there is trouble, like Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, it is the same few members who step forward to ‘man the guns’. Many have just sat on the sidelines, some have even come out in direct opposition to tasks undertaken.

Many will say that the trouble in the Middle East is outside the confines of NATO responsibility, but they would be wrong. The organization is the only true international armed force in the world and can be likened to a United Nations armed force, so who better to  carry out the dictates of the UN.

Australian Troops In Iraq

True, in Iraq we did see international forces involved in the fighting against Saddam Hussein that were not part of NATO like Australia and that is to the good, but throughout its history, at least since the Korean War, the UN has found it hard to find any nation that will pick up the sword in its name. In NATO they have a working force in being that can be used.

British Troops In Afghanistan

But, it doesn’t always work out as planned, for the simple reason many members of the Alliance are not willing to pull their weight. If NATO is called to action in places like Libya, ALL member nations should make some contribution not just the usual three or four. We have always had the USA in the lead, followed closely by the United Kingdom which has a history of living up to it’s commitments. True, Germany and Italy among others have played a part in some areas, but that still leaves a majority who have not.

After the initial onslaught from the US in Libya, which has now backed off from taking a major role, the responsibility lies with the European NATO countries, many of whom have dropped the ball. Without the participation of France and the UK the whole operation would have died at the planning stage.

Hard Talking Robert Gates At NATO HQ

Gates accused the NATO partners of having trouble in fulfilling their commitment in Afghanistan. He made his point with this blunt statement:  “Despite more than 2 million troops in uniform — not counting the U.S. military — NATO has struggled, at times desperately, to sustain a deployment of 25,000 to 40,000 troops, not just in boots on the ground, but in crucial support assets” .

RAF Tornado’s Take Off On A Mission

Commenting on the Libyan campaign he said “While every alliance member voted for the Libya mission, less than half have participated at all, and fewer than a third have been willing to participate in the strike mission.” On the current air strikes situation he said: “Norway and Denmark have provided 12% of allied strike aircraft yet have struck about one-third of the targets.” I guess that just about sums it up!

Another Load Of Death

He made a further comment on the munitions situation, saying that only 11 weeks into the action and some Allies were already running short of missiles and bombs which they were scrambling to obtain from the US.

Tornado Destroys Two Gaddafi Tanks:

It is without doubt that the NATO command, and indeed all the members countries, needed to hear this piece of straight talking from someone who carries a lot of influence. No-one can deny that the whole organization has been propped up by the United States to a great extent since the end of the cold war.

The big problem on everyone’s mind is of course money, that old, old evil. At the moment there is not much of it around, which is why many countries, including the UK and France are looking to make cutbacks in defense expenditure.  This was precisely the point argued against by Secretary Gates during his final speech in the job.

Nato Awacs At Trapani Airbase In Sicily

On the question of NATO nations defence budgets Gates said: “The blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defence.” He continued: “If current trends in the decline of European defence capabilities are not halted and reversed, future US political leaders — those for whom the Cold War was not the formative experience that it was for me — may not consider the return on America’s investment in Nato worth the cost.”

Anders Fogh Rasmussen- NATO Leader With A Big Problem

It is time for many countries in the Alliance to realise this is not just a boy’s club, but a serious and necessary force for good in the world and without the backing and participation of the USA it will cease to exist. Each nation that wishes to be a part of it must carry their share of responsibility if it is to continue. The current situation, where most of the burden falls on just a small number of members cannot continue.

From the original twelve members who formed the Alliance on the 4th April 1949 it has grown to twenty-eight members. Almost all that joined in the last twelve years were previously members of the Warsaw Pact until the fall of communism.

They all wish to feel safe under the shield provided by NATO, but too few are willing to be active members when there is a call for help. Unless these countries start to carry more of the load I can see that America will gradually start cutting back on their investment, and eventually NATO will collapse in on itself. That will be a sad day for world peace.


RyanAir Is At It Again!

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I suppose its not all that unusual for businesses to screw their customers where possible these days, but Micheal O’Leary of Ryanair has got it down to a fine art. It has just been announced that he intends to increase the baggage charges for flights on his aircraft. While he always boasts his fares are the cheapest, he is always finding new ways to get more money out of the weary traveller.

Video on Ryanair – Worth watching:

His latest announcement concerns baggage charges (again) as he is raising the price of placing baggage in the hold of the aircraft by another £5, but its just for the holiday season, as if that makes it acceptable. This is all on top of a standard 12 % increase in fares across the board. Air travel is becoming more expensive due to the ever increasing price of oil on the international market.

King Of The Hill When It Comes To Shafting His Customers

The new charges for baggage go on weight as usual, with a £20 levy on bags up to 15 kgs and between 15-20 kgs it goes up to £30, and that’s each way! With the new tariffs being applied only for the holiday season Ryanair has been accused of sheer profiteering, and that is something I for one agree with.

My wife travelled to Denmark recently on Ryanair from Malaga airport, and found out the real horrors of travelling with this airline. Firstly, you cannot even carry a book for the journey in your hand along with your carry-on bag, the book must go in the bag. So there is no point in doing any duty-free shopping unless the items you buy are small enough to go in your hand baggage. So far as your suitcase is concerned, for every kilogram (or part of one) over the 20 kilo limit you pay an extra 20 per kilo, and that’s not even counting a second suitcase!

Malaga Airport Check-in

My wife’s bag was, according to the check-in scales, just 21.5 kilo’s so she was forced to remove some t-shirts which I had to bring home. We had to use the scales at the adjacent check-in desk which was not in use, and finally got to the required 20 kgs. When we put the suitcase back on the Ryanair scales it still read 21kgs so I pointed out the discrepancy to the attendant and she finally accepted the case at no extra charge. The damned scales used by Ryanair were reading one kilo higher than the others at surrounding check-in desks! Not what I would call very honest, so how many passengers had been fleeced for the extra weight charge?

Just The Bare Essentials

O’Leary knows damned well that people going on holiday cannot fit all their clothes for one or two weeks into their hand baggage, and who can get away with just 15 kgs when going on holiday? He is looking for any excuse to charge more, in fact it was reported last year that he was looking into charging passengers £1 to use the toilets on the aircraft.

He also looked into ‘standing room only’ flights with special ‘seats’ that would allow twice as many passengers to be carried in a vertical position. Thankfully, this idea was quashed by the FAA who ruled that it was unsafe.

Standing Seats Ryanair Style:

Money, Money – I Love It!

There can be little doubt that before long, O’Leary’s feverish brain will dream up another money-making scheme to fleece yet more cash from passengers using the airline, and people will just have to smile and pay up.

O’Leary has been quoted as saying:  “At the moment the ice is free, but if we could find a way of targeting a price on it, we would”. I guess that just about sums up the man and his attitude to business. He doesn’t care a jot for criticsm aimed his way, which only goes to prove he has a thick skin.


A related video that will give you a good laugh:

How Safe Will ‘The Cloud’ Be?

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It seems nothing can stop the march of technology, with Steve Jobs of Apple this week proclaiming the PC is on the way out because ‘the cloud’ is coming. Personally, I have my doubts!

Soon To Be A Relic Of The Past?

The advent of smart phones and tablets have no doubt changed computing from what we are all used to, now we can do it all on the move. No need to sit behind a desk and punch the keyboard, just flick your fingertips over the screen and its ‘job done’. A nice innovation, and no doubt a boon to busy business people who find it hard to sit still for more than a few minutes. As for the rest of us, I don’t see it having a major impact for some time to come, although it will eventually.

What is more worrying to me as a normal user, is the arrival of ‘the cloud’ and all it promises, and doesn’t promise.

Everythings In The Cloud

It does promise the possibility to transfer data, music or what have you from one piece of equipment to another without having to connect them together with a USB cable. This is because all information will be stored on ‘the cloud’ instead of your Pc’s hard-drive, i.e. there will one huge ‘hard-drive’ in the sky as it were, and everyone will store their data there. You will be able to connect to it with your Ipod, tablet or phone any time you want, providing you have an internet connection that is, and download or upload data as you choose.

Cloud Computing Explained:

What is doesn’t promise you in my mind, is total security of your information should you wish to use ‘the cloud’. Recent events, such as the hacking of Sony and many governments, have left me extremely wary of placing all my data, not to mention private stuff like bank details etc, on some ‘cloud’ over which I have no control whatsoever.

What If He Gets In The Cloud?

To me it seems like a hackers paradise, and you can bet your life that right now some foul despicable low-life is trying to get into the cloud to steal personal data. With the introduction of massive hard-drives in cyberspace, accessible to anyone, hackers must think they have died and gone to heaven.

Past experience has shown quite clearly that no matter how sophisticated the security on a computer system is, it can, and will be hacked. You can hardly imagine a system more secure than the U.S. Defence Department, but its been hacked on more than one occasion.

Everyone’s There

I know that I will not be storing all my data on one of these clouds once they are up and running, but part of the problem is, some of my data is in the hands of, for example,  companies I have dealt with in the past, my bank, government departments and the like. It has already been stated that many companies and institutions are intending to use ‘the cloud’ for their data storage, and coincidentally, along with it my information.

‘Cloud’ Providers:

The sad thing is, I have no control over this, in fact, I will not even know it is being done.

There is little doubt that unless a catastrophe occurs, like the whole cloud suddenly blowing away and everyone’s data being lost, we will not have much choice in the matter. Such an event would no doubt put the brakes on the whole thing, and possibly cause a rethink.

Future Winners In The Cloud Market?

There are new ‘clouds’ coming on line every day as people like Google and Microsoft etc get in on the act, and for sure there will be a ‘battle of the clouds’ in the future as each one tries to get your business. Naturally enough, (you knew there would be a downside) it will cost you. No-one is going to give you your own little ‘hard-drive on the net’ without you having to pay for it. What its going to cost I have no idea, but there will be a subscription fee, probably determined by how much you use the facility. Ouch!

Internet Speed Comparison – You Will No Doubt Notice That Spain Is Not Even Listed!

The one thing that will be essential, not only for businesses but also the private user, is fast, dependable internet. While many countries like Britain are moving to get fast internet connections to every household, Spain where I live, is still in the middle ages. The best speeds in my area are a lowly 3mb and with my current provider I am getting only 0.8mb. Not only that, but the internet went down five times in the last week. Truely laughable when you consider what other countries are getting. When cloud computing takes off people are going to be demanding a much better internet service from their provider, and that is going to be a major problem.

New Mac Tablet PC?

But time waits for no man as the saying goes, and you can bet your last dollar that in a few years PC’s with a hard-drive will be a relic. As progress marches on, we, the ordinary consumer have little to say in the matter, and will eventually be forced to accept the new data storage system because that will be all there is.

Intel’s Vision Of ‘The Clouds’ Future:

From my perspective, it would seem we are once again diving into uncharted waters, but there again, it won’t be the first time. I for one will test the waters thoroughly with my toe before diving in.


So Now The British Tax-Payer Has Bankrolled Extremists?

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The ‘shinanigins’ that go on in the hallowed halls of power in the United Kingdom have long ceased to amaze me. This week yet another scandal left over from the sheer incompetance of the previous Labour government has come to light in the form of their ‘Prevent’ strategy  and its ties to Islamic power in Britain.

You Must Be Joking Right!

The Labour ‘Prevent’ programme, set up in the wake of the July 7 attacks in 2005, was designed to combat the insurgency and radicalization of Muslims in Britain and has, according to the current Home Secretary Theresa May, turned out to be a farce. However, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, considering how that party has been infiltrated by Muslims.

As a result of an MI5 warning last year that British Muslim militancy was at a high level, a new review of the scheme has been carried out and reveals that far from preventing government (i.e. tax-payer) funds from being given to groups bent on radicalizing young Muslims, it was in fact funding radical Islamic groups whose sole purpose was to convert young Muslims to anti-western ideology. The current government has subsequently slashed ‘Prevent’s’  funding from £63million to £46 million this year.

Azad Ali: Radical Islamist, Appointed By Met. Police As Muslim Community Consultant Against Terrorism

While not finding any ‘deliberate’ funding of radical groups, the report stated that controls were either totally inadequate or missing entirely, and it was therefore inevitable that some radical groups received funding.

According to ‘people in the know’ the following radical groups received funding from ‘Prevent’: Muslim Council of Britain, The Cordoba Foundation, The Islamic Foundation, iEngage, The STREET Project, Green Lane and Central Mosques and Global Peace and Unity. Quite a list, and these are only some of them who either had radical guest speakers or follow hard-line Islamic teachings. The most annoying part of it is, these hate preachers are using our own free speech laws against us.

Muslims Call For Jihad In England:

Muslim Madrass Students-Taught To Hate

The report also highlighted other areas; huge wastage funding on pointless sports clubs and cohesion schemes (“No Achmed, don’t strap on your bomb yet, come and play table tennis”), 2,000 Muslim schools (Madrassas) attended by around 100,000 Muslim children where they receive a ‘proper’ Islamic education, and astonishingly, that around 1,100 people were reported to the authorities for ‘displaying extemist sympathies’ of which at least a quarter were children! That says a lot for the Madrassas doesn’t it!

Would We See This In A Non-Muslim Child?

With regard to these Islamic schools, it would seem an entire generation of Muslim children are being raised to hate western civilization, its laws and traditions. It has been revealed that in excess of 300 Muslim children have been reported as potential terrorists for holding extremist views. A total of 55 are under 12 years old and a further 290 up to 16 years old. Talk about inviting a cobra into your home! Why do we allow these schools to flourish?

Inside a Madrass:

Mrs, May has promised that money will will no longer go to groups or individuals who do not support the values, traditions, and laws of our country: “If they do not accept these fundamental and universal values, then we will not work with them and we will not fund them,” she said.

Theresa May – Home Secretary

Theresa May called on all schools, and in particular universities, to stop allowing terror propagandists to give lectures and seminars on their premises. And about time too!

Related Post:

As can be expected, many Muslim groups criticised the programmes re-launch, like the Muslim Council who said Prevent was “still flawed and stigmatised Muslims”. Strange, to me it doesn’t go far enough!

Abu Hamza – Well Known Hate Preacher

It seems ridiculous that we not only have to put up with all these radicals roaming our streets at will, but we are actually funding them too. How crazy is that? I am sure if this plan was put to Angela Merkel or Nicolas Sarcozy they would lock you up in the nearest looney bin! No-one else in the western world puts up with this kind of nonsense from Muslims, but the good old ‘British fair play don’t you know’ not only allows it, but helps them as well. Its incredible!

Why are we funding Islamic schools that are teaching hatred for our way of life to young impressionable children who may well grow up to be the the next generation of terrorists? Why are we allowing radicals to demonstrate on our streets against how we live?

Just Like The Sign Says!

It bothers me a lot see the general air of indifference among the British people for what is happening to our country. Its as though nobody cares a hoot so long as it doesn’t interfere with their saturday night out at the disco or pub. But mark my words – It will on some dark day in the future!

Only a fool will ignore the signs of what is happening around them, but when Britain finally succombs to Islamic power it will be too late. Winston Churchill’s famous “We shall fight them on the beaches….” speech to  the nation during the dark days of 1940 seems as significant today as it did then, if only someone was awake to hear it.


The British Universities Of Shame

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You would expect universities to be centres of learning about the good things in life, pushing the boundaries of science, economics, medicine, art and music etc. but today they have a darker side.

Oxford University

A new Whitehall study has found they are now becoming the number one source of Muslim radicals who are not afraid to strap on a bomb and kill people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

Over the last decade they have become a hotbed of recruitment for radical insurgent groups like al Quada. The report, which will be published soon, will cite around 40 British Universities that are known to have a lackadaisical attitude to seminars by radical Muslim clerics promoting hate for everything western.

University College London

The Prevent Review says that of all those convicted of terrorist offences in the United Kingdom, 30% have received a university education in Britain, and a further 15% studied or achieved a further education qualification. Of those arrested for terror offences, 10% were studying at university when charged.

Hate Preacher Omar Bakri

Whichever way you look at it, this is a damning indictment of British universities! According to the report, many hardline radical Muslim groups are targeting our universities in a recruitment drive that is paying dividends. Radical groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir once run by hate preacher Omar Bakri, is giving lectures and seminars at some of our universities where they have spouted anti-British and anti-Western rhetoric in an effort to win over the hearts and minds of young Islamic students.

Sheik Omar Bakri Interview:

Stockholm Car Bomb Courtesy Of A Luton University Student

Among their more noteworthy successes have been the 2006 liquid bomb plotters who planned to blow up transatlantic planes, the Stockholm car bomber, and the ‘underwear’ bomber who tried to blow up a plane on Christmas Day in 2009. These were all impressionable young men who were converted to radicalism in British Universities by hate preachers.

I am surprised that none of them asked the preacher why, if he hates the west so much, he doesn’t strap on a bomb himself to ‘show the way’. But that is not the way of these people, they always get innocents to do their dirty work for them, and it surprises me that none of these radicalized young men have yet ‘cottoned on’ to the idea. In a similar situation, that is one of the first things I would ask these hate mongers.

Zakir Naik Oxford Seminar Promotion:

Nicola Dandridge- Blinkered CEO of Universities UK

This however detracts from the basic problem, and that is how to put an end to this gaping hole in our security. Comments from the Universities UK group make it clear they see no problem, for they say: Universities “are places where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control”, and that “they act as a safeguard against ideologies that threaten Britain’s open society”. Professor Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK is quoted as saying: “There was ‘no evidence’ to link student radicals with violent extremism”. What a load of twaddle! From the evidence it seems the complete opposite is true.

Within two years of leaving Leeds Metropolitan University, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the leader of the group responsible for the July 7 bombings, began training for terror. Since then, virtually every major British terrorist attack has been led by students or graduates. It recently came to light that two students linked to the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir were elected to Westminster University’s student union, following similar elections at City University.

The universities are not even willing to clamp down on guest speakers at their seminars, which leaves the door open for any radical cleric to start the process of radicalization of students. Professor Dandridge said on this subject: “Clamping down on speakers is just not the way forward. The whole point of university is to listen to these things”. What would she say if someone like Adolf Hitler came to speak at a seminar? She would no doubt welcome him with open arms and take a front row seat!

Part of the reason for this blinkered attitude could also be money, for British Universities have received in the past decade a total of some £500 million from arab and/or islamic sources, which quite possibly has influenced many universities against speaking out about the gradual ‘islamization’ of campuses. Only recently, the London School of Economics received 1.5 million from Col. Gaddafi, for which they presented his son with a doctorate. Its seems in the halls of learning money talks.

The ‘Liquid Bombers’ Courtesy Of City and Brunel Universities

It is long overdue for the government to lay down legislation to curb the ever increasing failings of universities to properly run their affairs, specifically when it comes to inviting speakers for seminars that run contrary to the security of the people of this nation. The government must do all it can to either stop these hate preachers from entering the country, or if they are already here, kick them out!

May it Wave Forever

Britain is not an Islamic state (yet) so why should we have to put up with all this Muslim crap? My message to these people is the same as ever: If you wish to live among us and respect our laws and way of life, welcome, if not go back where you came from. We do not need your hate!

I leave the last word up to Pat Condell:


A New Form Of Parasite Living Among Us

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It will come as a surprise to many, me included, that Britain has until now, a new form of parasite being subsidised by the tax payer. New government proposals to evict rich people living in council accommodation, which is heavily subsidised by local councils, have been put forward.

Plymouth Almshouses From 1490 Demolished In 1868

The idea of council housing, and council estates, began in the late 19th century when local councils built houses and later tower blocks to house people who could not afford their own home. Tenants paid a modest rent which was subsidised by the council, i.e. the tax payer. All maintenance and upkeep was carried out by the council who owned the property.

The idea came from the so-called almshouses which began in the 10th century as a means of providing homes for poor and distressed people. The basic plan has undergone many changes over the years with in particular, the Housing of the Working Classes Act of 1890, the Housing Act of 1930, and much more recently, the Right to Buy Act of 1979.

Council Houses After WW2

Over the last three decades the waiting lists for housing have grown longer and longer, aggravated by the large families of the 1940’s and 50’s and the huge increase in immigrants in recent years. For the last two decades in particular, the housing shortage has been acute.

Considering the housing was intended for low-income families, it is quite a surprise to find from the news report that many families are earning more than £100,000 a year but still living in council accommodation. Needless to say, this is against the spirit of the plan, especially when there are thousands waiting for housing across the country.


Kick Out The Fat Cats Bob?

One such person, quoted in the report, is “RMT union boss Bob Crow, who is reportedly paid more than £100,000 but still lives in a council property”. When you consider that the subsidy paid by the tax payer for a single four bedroom house in London is £70,000 a year it soon adds up. It is scandalous to say the least, that someone earning as much as Bob Crow should still be receiving such accommodation from the council.

Modern Council Estate

Of the eight million people still living in social or council houses, government estimates put the figure at some 6,000 families who earn more than £100,000 a year. So if you do the sums, that means somewhere in the region of £400m is being spent to subsidise these people. I must admit, considering the number of people who earn less than half that amount are queuing by the thousands for accommodation it does not seem fair, and of course, its not fair to the tax-payer either.

News Report: 

I am by nature non-political, but I have to applaud this move by the coalition government for it is the first to have ever tackled this problem. If they are successful, they will free up much-needed housing for those in desperate need. It will mean an end to the rule that council housing is for life, and that must be a good thing to combat those who become wealthy and can afford their own home.


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