The NHS – National Hospital Shambles

Says It All!

The British National Health Service (NHS) is without doubt the most disgusting, inefficient and money wasting enterprise in the UK. It is in too many areas badly managed, badly staffed and badly equipped for the times. In an ideal situation the whole edifice would be torn down and reorganized from the top down. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

There are of course good hospitals, and there are good doctors and nurses who do their best to provide care, comfort and relief, and by no means do I wish to belittle these people’s efforts, but the system is so broken their actions go mostly unnoticed.

The Numbers Don’t Lie!

We have tens of thousands of patients who go for treatment only to catch deadly diseases (MRSA) while in the hospital, more than two thousand of whom die (See graph). There are never enough nursing staff, and many of those that are there can barely speak english. Patients in pain, or who even just need a bedpan for example are ignored, and when a patient requests help staff are often rude.

Patients are left unattended for hours on end sometimes resulting in deaths. Mistakes are made during operations, equipment doesn’t work or is incorrectly calibrated, and as for dirt, its everywhere. Cleaning staff are among the most inefficient in the entire enterprise. The list goes on and on and no-one, not even the politicians, seems capable of fixing it.

Cameron Flogging A Dead Horse

David Cameron has been laying forth his plan for the NHS this last week but it will not fix any of the problems. When it comes to finding a cure for what ails our health serevice all governments (from both sides of the house) can come up with is; Let’s privatize!

Cameron on NHS reforms:

In the old days (Oh no, here he goes again) they didn’t have all the fancy instruments and machines they have today, they didn’t even have the level of knowledge, but patients didn’t die from hospital borne diseases, a nurse was always there when you needed one and the wards, operating theaters etc were so clean you could eat off the floor. Why was this? What has changed the system so drastically?

Matron And Her Charges

Well, for a start, if you were a nurse it was like being in the military because the old style Matron was ‘The General’! If she said “Jump” a nurse asked “How high”! In those days Matrons ruled their entire ward with a rod of iron, and woe betide any cleaner who missed a spot or a nurse who didn’t answer a patients call within 30 seconds. Mind you, they knew how to get troublesome patients back in line too so it wasn’t all rosy.

Sadly, these cornerstones on which the NHS rested were done away with when in 1967 the Salmon Report, which initiated restructuring of the NHS, was put into practice.

So what prompted this rant about the NHS? Well, I have to say it was a report I read in the news about a young mother and her baby who died in hospital due to neglect by the staff.

Queen’s Hospital Romford

The hospital in question is Queens Hospital in Romford east London. The young mother, Tebussem Ali (known as Serena) died in the maternity unit when staff failed to recognise she had a ruptured womb. When she complained to nurses about great pain, staff were rude and sarcastic to her, telling her to “stop being a drama queen” and to stop “behaving like a child”.

Serena And Her Husband Shortly Before She Died

Once it was discovered by medics she had a serious problem they could not find her notes. Resuscitation was attempted with an oxygen mask that was not even connected to a supply and it was Serena’a husband, Usman Javed, who noticed the error, but by then it was too late.

Of course the hospital issued the standard apology with the usual promises  (probably pre-printed) to improve the situation and now expect business as usual and the whole mess to go away, but it shouldn’t be allowed to just “Go Away”. Those to blame  should be fired, and others should have severe disciplinary action taken against them for the death of this young woman and her baby. It just isn’t good enough to say “Oh! We’re sorry” and everything gets flushed down the toilet. A young woman and her child are dead!

Saira And Daughter – A Close Call For Mother And Child At Queens

Saira And Daughter – A Close Call For Mother And Child At Queens

In 2010 Saira Chaudhri went to Queen’s maternity ward only to be told she was not in labour. After pleading with staff she was still told to go home but only reached the car park when someone noticed blood on her trousers. She was immediately rushed back in. It seems the machine they had used to measure her contractions had been faulty.

Earlier this year two midwives from the same hospital were ‘suspended’ after the death of a mother and her new born baby. Suspended? Not fired! The hospital administration should have ensured these two people never worked as midwives ever again!

These are just two cases and are far from isolated. This sort of thing  happens every day in our hospitals and sometimes its much worse.

A sample video of hospital errors:

Cleaning By Private Companies

Patients have left hospital, thankful they survived the experience, complaining of filthy wards, dirty beds and patients bed sheets not being changed when required, as well as disgraceful rudeness from nursing staff and many who cannot even speak english.

This language problem is the fault of the previous government who trolled the world, and in particular ex-colonies, for nursing staff to fill the yawning gap in NHS needs. Those recruiting these foreign nurses didn’t seem to attach much importance to the candidates being able to speak english. “You have a dodgy qualification as a nurse? Right, here’s your plane ticket!”

The Sharp End

The general situation has gotten so bad with the NHS, that the ‘sticking plaster’ approach of fixing the problems so favoured by politicians, just ain’t gonna work!

Probably the most important answer to these difficulties would be to bring back the Matrons, but sadly, they are all pensioners or have already passed on. I don’t think for one minute there is anyone around at the present time who could match up to the Matrons of old.

Looks Complicated Doesn’t It

But one essential move that could be made by Cameron and his crew is to get rid of all these bloody managers that infest the system  like a cancer (waste). Secondly, privatisation in all its forms should be done away with, especially in regard to hospital cleaning services (cleanliness). Thirdly, mandatory language training must begin for all foreign nationals working in the NHS (communication), and lastly, we need to start training our own people, doctors and nurses, to be the next generation of hospital staff (staff levels).

To me these actions will help solve many of our most pressing problems in the NHS, and I can’t see for the life of me why our stupid politicians cannot see it too.

For example, if you need an administrator, why not recruit from older nursing staff who know the system inside out. Why must it be someone who may be a good manager, but has never worked in a medical environment and therefore does not understand the problems.

Time For A Real Change

Other countries don’t have the problems in the health profession that we do, the only reason we must suffer this chaos is firstly the politicians make a balls-up whenever they get involved, and standards in our health institutions have dropped so low as to have left a hole in floor.

What to do? Find a government that will act responsibly in sorting out the problems by making the correct decisions! Well, its either that or some Whitehall chappie had better shove my post under the P.M’s nose! Huh! Some hopes!


6 Responses to “The NHS – National Hospital Shambles”

  1. Jenny White Says:

    I have also had problems with staff at my local hospital when i felt ill and had to go to A+E(I have diabetes) and when I was feeling faint it was outside GP surgery hours.So I went to A+E and like the poster above,I found the staff rude and unhelpful. Another friend of mine was left alone on the trolley for 4 hours and when she complained,the hospital did nothing. And she too went to a solicitor as she could have died from being left unattended for so long time. But the solicitors did not want to get involved. I think they are afraid of repocusions from the health trust if they try to take them to court. That’s the problem these days,people just don’t want to know and solicotors only care about how much you can pay them anyway.


    • Hi Jenny,
      So sorry to hear about your problems. I have to say it is symptomatic of our country at the moment, and it is time for people (Brits) to stand up for our rights wherever possible. It will be difficult, but if enough people make sufficient noise the government will be forced to start taking action. I hope you get well soon.
      Best Regards,


  2. It happened to me. After my father died and my family turned their back on me. As a result I was very depressed and suicidal. But unfortunently it was Saturday night and my social worker and social services were closed. So I went to the A+E at King Georges Hospital which is part of Havering and Redbridge Health trust. But when I told the A+E nurse who took my notes that my father had died and I was feeling suicidal.She responded by saying”It is easy to kill yourself,you can throw yourself under a train or a bus,you can take insectaside or jump off a high building.” And then she left the room laughing. And then when the A+E psychiatrist came in and I told her that my father died and that my family cut me off.She did not care at all and responded by saying-“So what? it’s not my fault.” And sent me home again.

    And when I complained to the manager of Havering Health trust he did not apologise for the staffs behaviour towards me.And did not take any action against them. I want to take legal action against the health trust but none of the solicitors or lawyers I have seen want to do anything about it. My own Doctor won’t accept the fact that I have been verbally abused when clearly I have been. I am emotionally scarred by this experienced and because of all of this I am afraid to go to anyone in Redbridge for help when I get depressed.

    That is I won’t go back to King Georges hospital in case they do it to me again. It is not right that health trust staff use their powers to bully and abuse innocent people. I would like to see that health trust in court for what they did to me. And I am thinking of moving house to get out of Havering and Redbridge health trust to get away from them. That way i won’t be under that health trust anymore as i hear it is not like this in other hospitals. Andrea Borman.


    • Hi Andrea,
      I am sorry to hear of your loss and please accept my condolances. What you have undergone is to say the least, disgraceful, and its a great pity no-one seems interested in helping you. If these are recent events perhaps you should consider going to your local MP or Press with your story, that way at least someone may sit up and take notice. The people involved should be summarily dismissed and have their credentials taken away from them, but we both know this will never happen. I have to say that it does not surprise me that these nusing people can be so callous, for the ‘dedication’ is non-existent these days. It’s ‘just a job’ and not as it was, a genuine desire to help and care for people who are less fortunate. The old Matron’s must be turning in their grave when they see the shambles the NHS has become.
      Best Regards,


      • Thank you for your kind words. Not all health trusts are like Redbridge and I am sure that if it had been another A+E it would not have happened and I would have got a lot more support. The actions of that nurse and some other staff at king Georges hospital do not speak for all of the hospitals and health trusts. That is I know not all NHS hospitals and health trusts are bad.

        But the problem is that it happened in 2003 which is way out side of the time limit to do something. And it has had a long lasting effect on me. And it is has an effect on me still,now. Yes,I would like to take legal action and sue that hospital, but I know that I cannot.

        And because of all of this I want to move out of the area to get away from Redbridge and Havering,but I cannot afford it. But I feel my only solution is to move to get away from Redbridge/Havering, as I cannot even look at them after what they did to me without feeling sick inside. Let alone go back to that hospital.

        Yes,I would be better of away from that health trust,Redbridge, and under a health trust. But I just don’t have the money to move right now.

        But that nurse would have reacted the same way to anyone else who had been there and spoken to her not just me. But it is likely that that nurse has upset other people not just me. And there is a possibility that other people may have complained about her anyway and may now not be working as a nurse anymore as a result.

        But anyway I do feel better venting off here. Andrea Borman.


      • Hi Andrea,
        Glad you feel better. A rant now and again does you good I always say!


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