RyanAir Is At It Again!

I suppose its not all that unusual for businesses to screw their customers where possible these days, but Micheal O’Leary of Ryanair has got it down to a fine art. It has just been announced that he intends to increase the baggage charges for flights on his aircraft. While he always boasts his fares are the cheapest, he is always finding new ways to get more money out of the weary traveller.

Video on Ryanair – Worth watching:

His latest announcement concerns baggage charges (again) as he is raising the price of placing baggage in the hold of the aircraft by another £5, but its just for the holiday season, as if that makes it acceptable. This is all on top of a standard 12 % increase in fares across the board. Air travel is becoming more expensive due to the ever increasing price of oil on the international market.

King Of The Hill When It Comes To Shafting His Customers

The new charges for baggage go on weight as usual, with a £20 levy on bags up to 15 kgs and between 15-20 kgs it goes up to £30, and that’s each way! With the new tariffs being applied only for the holiday season Ryanair has been accused of sheer profiteering, and that is something I for one agree with.

My wife travelled to Denmark recently on Ryanair from Malaga airport, and found out the real horrors of travelling with this airline. Firstly, you cannot even carry a book for the journey in your hand along with your carry-on bag, the book must go in the bag. So there is no point in doing any duty-free shopping unless the items you buy are small enough to go in your hand baggage. So far as your suitcase is concerned, for every kilogram (or part of one) over the 20 kilo limit you pay an extra 20 per kilo, and that’s not even counting a second suitcase!

Malaga Airport Check-in

My wife’s bag was, according to the check-in scales, just 21.5 kilo’s so she was forced to remove some t-shirts which I had to bring home. We had to use the scales at the adjacent check-in desk which was not in use, and finally got to the required 20 kgs. When we put the suitcase back on the Ryanair scales it still read 21kgs so I pointed out the discrepancy to the attendant and she finally accepted the case at no extra charge. The damned scales used by Ryanair were reading one kilo higher than the others at surrounding check-in desks! Not what I would call very honest, so how many passengers had been fleeced for the extra weight charge?

Just The Bare Essentials

O’Leary knows damned well that people going on holiday cannot fit all their clothes for one or two weeks into their hand baggage, and who can get away with just 15 kgs when going on holiday? He is looking for any excuse to charge more, in fact it was reported last year that he was looking into charging passengers £1 to use the toilets on the aircraft.

He also looked into ‘standing room only’ flights with special ‘seats’ that would allow twice as many passengers to be carried in a vertical position. Thankfully, this idea was quashed by the FAA who ruled that it was unsafe.

Standing Seats Ryanair Style:

Money, Money – I Love It!

There can be little doubt that before long, O’Leary’s feverish brain will dream up another money-making scheme to fleece yet more cash from passengers using the airline, and people will just have to smile and pay up.

O’Leary has been quoted as saying:  “At the moment the ice is free, but if we could find a way of targeting a price on it, we would”. I guess that just about sums up the man and his attitude to business. He doesn’t care a jot for criticsm aimed his way, which only goes to prove he has a thick skin.


A related video that will give you a good laugh:

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