The British Universities Of Shame

You would expect universities to be centres of learning about the good things in life, pushing the boundaries of science, economics, medicine, art and music etc. but today they have a darker side.

Oxford University

A new Whitehall study has found they are now becoming the number one source of Muslim radicals who are not afraid to strap on a bomb and kill people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

Over the last decade they have become a hotbed of recruitment for radical insurgent groups like al Quada. The report, which will be published soon, will cite around 40 British Universities that are known to have a lackadaisical attitude to seminars by radical Muslim clerics promoting hate for everything western.

University College London

The Prevent Review says that of all those convicted of terrorist offences in the United Kingdom, 30% have received a university education in Britain, and a further 15% studied or achieved a further education qualification. Of those arrested for terror offences, 10% were studying at university when charged.

Hate Preacher Omar Bakri

Whichever way you look at it, this is a damning indictment of British universities! According to the report, many hardline radical Muslim groups are targeting our universities in a recruitment drive that is paying dividends. Radical groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir once run by hate preacher Omar Bakri, is giving lectures and seminars at some of our universities where they have spouted anti-British and anti-Western rhetoric in an effort to win over the hearts and minds of young Islamic students.

Sheik Omar Bakri Interview:

Stockholm Car Bomb Courtesy Of A Luton University Student

Among their more noteworthy successes have been the 2006 liquid bomb plotters who planned to blow up transatlantic planes, the Stockholm car bomber, and the ‘underwear’ bomber who tried to blow up a plane on Christmas Day in 2009. These were all impressionable young men who were converted to radicalism in British Universities by hate preachers.

I am surprised that none of them asked the preacher why, if he hates the west so much, he doesn’t strap on a bomb himself to ‘show the way’. But that is not the way of these people, they always get innocents to do their dirty work for them, and it surprises me that none of these radicalized young men have yet ‘cottoned on’ to the idea. In a similar situation, that is one of the first things I would ask these hate mongers.

Zakir Naik Oxford Seminar Promotion:

Nicola Dandridge- Blinkered CEO of Universities UK

This however detracts from the basic problem, and that is how to put an end to this gaping hole in our security. Comments from the Universities UK group make it clear they see no problem, for they say: Universities “are places where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control”, and that “they act as a safeguard against ideologies that threaten Britain’s open society”. Professor Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK is quoted as saying: “There was ‘no evidence’ to link student radicals with violent extremism”. What a load of twaddle! From the evidence it seems the complete opposite is true.

Within two years of leaving Leeds Metropolitan University, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the leader of the group responsible for the July 7 bombings, began training for terror. Since then, virtually every major British terrorist attack has been led by students or graduates. It recently came to light that two students linked to the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir were elected to Westminster University’s student union, following similar elections at City University.

The universities are not even willing to clamp down on guest speakers at their seminars, which leaves the door open for any radical cleric to start the process of radicalization of students. Professor Dandridge said on this subject: “Clamping down on speakers is just not the way forward. The whole point of university is to listen to these things”. What would she say if someone like Adolf Hitler came to speak at a seminar? She would no doubt welcome him with open arms and take a front row seat!

Part of the reason for this blinkered attitude could also be money, for British Universities have received in the past decade a total of some £500 million from arab and/or islamic sources, which quite possibly has influenced many universities against speaking out about the gradual ‘islamization’ of campuses. Only recently, the London School of Economics received 1.5 million from Col. Gaddafi, for which they presented his son with a doctorate. Its seems in the halls of learning money talks.

The ‘Liquid Bombers’ Courtesy Of City and Brunel Universities

It is long overdue for the government to lay down legislation to curb the ever increasing failings of universities to properly run their affairs, specifically when it comes to inviting speakers for seminars that run contrary to the security of the people of this nation. The government must do all it can to either stop these hate preachers from entering the country, or if they are already here, kick them out!

May it Wave Forever

Britain is not an Islamic state (yet) so why should we have to put up with all this Muslim crap? My message to these people is the same as ever: If you wish to live among us and respect our laws and way of life, welcome, if not go back where you came from. We do not need your hate!

I leave the last word up to Pat Condell:


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