Taliban Winning The Propaganda War!

Once again the NATO Coalition forces have played into the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan by killing civilians during an air strike. This time it was reportedly 12 children and two women who were killed in a night strike against Taliban fighters who had just killed an American serviceman.

Apache Attack

From the news reports, it seems that after the attack the Taliban insurgents took cover in a compound knowing civilians were present, a long practiced tactic, and the result was inevitable.

They knew full well their greatest propaganda weapon is the killing of innocent people by coalition forces, and they used it to great affect.

President Karzei Warns The US

President Karzei has now told the US that this will be their “last warning” and they must stop these attacks at once. From his point of view it is a reasonable request, as such killings create unrest among the population, and generate hatred for the occupation forces who are placed in an impossible situation.

Aljazeera Report On The Latest Deaths:


The insurgents have used this tactic throughout the campaign, for they know they cannot win the war militarily, but by ensuring the US and NATO  Forces always get the blame for such incidents they are using propaganda as a viable weapon. They care not that these civilians are killed, for it serves their purpose to always have the Coalition on the back foot.


Bottom Left - Taliban Human Shields

Insurgents like the Taliban, al Quada, and even Hamas in Palestine, soon discovered how to make use of human shields and generate the condemnation that falls on opposing forces when such an incident happens. It turns the people, and the western media, into a potent weapon they can exploit to the fullest.

Taliban Human Shields:


It is a dirty way to fight a campaign but is symptomatic of our times when human life, especially that of innocents, counts for nothing.

I said in previous posts in 2009 that much of the fault lies with Pakistan insofar as they allowed the Taliban to use their territory as a bolthole from the NATO Forces in Afghanistan.

Taliban Country

The big problem was, once they finally started the push against the insurgents in the nortwest provinces in 2009 they never finished the job, leaving it only half completed. As I said at the time, they should have kept on going until they met up with the NATO Forces at the border. It was a half-hearted attempt to squeeze the Taliban but the pincers never closed.

Pakistan Fights The Taliban-2009



Now, belatedly, the Pakistan Forces are again striking at Taliban strongholds in the territories with an air attack on positions in the Orakzai area in which 17 insurgents were reported killed.

Pakistan Army In Action 2009

A local newspaper claims the military is once again planning an attack against the insurgents in North Waziristan province. This has long been a place of sanctuary for them when wishing to escape NATO Forces in Afghanistan. It is a proven fact, that for both the Taliban and al Quada, the tribal areas are a safe haven from attack because the NATO Forces cannot cross the border, and the Pakistani Forces seem little inclined to stop them from their side.

Strategically speaking, the only sensible way of solving the insurgent problem is a concerted attack by the NATO and Pakistani Forces from both sides of the border. The entire northwestern provinces should be cleared until all Taliban and al Quada fighters have been killed or captured. Only then will both countries enjoy any form of peace, and without doubt, the world will be able to sleep peacefully once again.


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