Damn! I Must Have Missed The End Of the World!

I cannot really be here because I was reliably informed the world ended last Saturday at 6pm, and today is Wednesday right? So that means I am not really writing this post with the afterglow of sunset in the western sky outside my window. It seems like I am here, and as I type this everything seems normal, so either this is a latent dream or someone is lying!!!!!

Hooray! The World Ends Today!

I can just imagine how a lot of people must have felt last Saturday as the clock continued to tick on past six o’clock and nothing happened. At one minute to six the tension must have been unbearable, for the world was about to end and they, the believers, were going to witness it. WOW!

Alright, that’s enough. Someone ring the local nut-house please!

Bullshit Artist Extrordinaire!

I have to admit there are some gullible folk in the world today, but I find it incredible that anyone could really believe the twaddle spouted by this idiot Harold Camping on his Family International Radio. It just goes to show, not all the nuts live in the nut-house!

It is sad that many believers went so far as to give away their homes and valued personal possessions, and spent, or gave away their life savings on the word of this charlatan that the world would be torn asunder at 6pm on Saturday May 21st 2011, it being Judgement Day. Many people donated all their worldly wealth to his church, such was their belief in the man. Needless to say, he has no intention of returning any donated money now that we are all still here!

Video of Camping ‘On Air’:


This is not the first time he has predicted such an event, and guess what, as 6.02 approached he said; “Oops! I must have misread the signs”, and came back later explaining how he had forgotten an obscure bible text about God postponing the event until October 21st!

End Of The World? He Seems To Have Missed Spain!

Camping is typical of his breed in the USA, making a living playing on the religious fervor of devout Christians, and pampering to their fears whilst making himself a multi-millionaire.

I have never yet seen a poor TV evangelist…have you? To me they are the lowest form of life, not necessarily because they are making themselves mega rich manipulating people’s feelings, but because they use religion to do it.

I am sure when the Lord comes Mr. Camping, you will be one of the first he consigns to Hell!


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