Will A UK Identity Card Beat Illegals? – Yes or No!

Oops! It looks like the UK identity card is raising its head again in Britain after the whole Labour plan was quashed by David Cameron when he took office.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge

The chairwoman of  the Commons Public Accounts Committee of MP’s, Labour’s Margaret Hodge, has raised the question of I.D. cards again as a means to combat the estimated 180,000+ immigrants that have overstayed their temporary work visa and lost themselves in the crowd.

It is well known that the UK Border Agency does not have sufficient information to accurately assess the number of illegals in the country, and Ms. Hodge suggests that ID cards would help identify those who shouldn’t be here. Personally, I think she is right!

Firstly, Ms. Hodge stated that border control would be greatly enhanced with the use of I.D. cards. Ms. Hodge is quoted as saying: “People will always find a way to come to the UK because of the advantages we offer. I would be tougher on eligibility criteria for accessing things like the benefits system, or accessing social housing, than focusing on numbers.” She added: “Without ID cards you can’t control borders and if you can’t control borders, pretending you can control numbers is simply never going to happen” (this last in reference to David Cameron’s promise to drastically cut immigration levels). Quite right Madam!

UK I.D. Card

It is a fact of life that most immigrants into Europe want to come to Britain, because they know it is so easy to get money out of the government in the form of benefits and they don’t have to lift a finger to get them. We hand it to them on a plate and like as not ask if that is enough! This does not happen in any other country – anywhere!

When Labour first raised the issue of a national I.D. card most people were up in arms at the idea. This is something I failed to understand, because I carried an I.D. card for 37 years during my service with the RAF and later with NATO, and it never did me any harm. It was always a swift and accurate way of proving who I was and never caused me any trouble, so I fail to see why the general public should be so upset at the idea.

I guess its the “intrusion into my private life” syndrome, or “big daddy is watching me” idea that puts most people off. The British have always been very protective of their ‘right to privacy’, but I do find it rather over the top. I never had any of these ideas when I carried one, in fact in many situations it made life much easier.

Nick Clegg On I.D. Cards:

Many countries in Europe like Germany and Holland require their citizens to carry such identification and no-one that I ever met objected to the idea, in fact they considered it quite normal.

German I.D. Card.

As a means of confirming someone’s identity it would greatly aid our law enforcement agencies to locate and identify those who are living off the fat of our labours by staying illegally in the country and drawing benefits. It would also be of great help when dealing with officialdom and banks etc. so why all the fuss. I can only suppose that those among us who object to such a measure have something to hide.

I think the main ‘bone of contention’ in Britain is the amount of personal data the government wants to collect on everyone. It would seem that when the scheme was first thought up by Labour, they saw it as a golden opportunity to store masses and masses of data on every person in the country, instead of just making it a means of identity.

The storing of DNA, bank details, addresses, family, fingerprints and the like are all way over the top and totally unnecessary. In effect, the politicians sank their own ship for they should have known the British people would not stand for it.

Everything On The Database – No Thank You!

On the plus side, people illegally in the country, and/or obtaining benefits, would be easier to catch and could cut the annual benefits budget by several million pounds a year, which means more for you and me! Fraud in all its forms would be much harder if people got used to the idea of checking someone’s I.D. card before doing business with them.

There is little doubt in my mind that the introduction of a national I.D. card would benefit everyone if only we could get over this phobia people have about them, and what’s more, persuade the government to only keep essential identification data.


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