Jail Time Versus Re-offending

It’s nice to know when views you expressed in a previous post have been vindicated! I wrote in March this year about Ken Clark’s ridiculous reforms of the UK prison system in which he wanted to drastically reduce the prison population to bring down costs.

Another Reformer – Ken Clark

I said at the time that he was barmy and a report released today by the Ministry of Justice confirms that. At the time, Ken Clark expressed ‘outrage’ at the re-offending rates in the country, but didn’t seem to realise that his proposals would only exacerbate the problem.

My previous post:


I have always held the view that giving criminals a short sentence in the hope they will reform is ‘pie in the sky’, and something they laugh at. I will not go into detail here about the Clark reforms, for that I redirect you to the link above, but suffice it to say, they would have been a large step backward.

Politicians, and for that matter the ‘uman rights looneys, have it all wrong when it comes to punishing criminals, for surely by now, the ‘softly softly’ approach has been proven to be a damp squib!

It is time these people learn that to reform a criminal you give them a sentence matching their crime, and the time they do is spent doing hard labour.

All The Comforts Of Home

Instead, today prisoners lounge around all day in better conditions than the average working class family with everything provided. Thanks to the Bleedin’ Hearts Brigade and their campaign for equal rights for those banged up, they live in 5* accommodation which many of our pensioners can only dream of. Everything is provided at tax payers expense and adds another burden on our economy.

London’s Grenden Prison:


If I had my way they would have the basic requirements i.e. a bunk with mattress, a toilet and a wash basin in a cell small enough to accommodate only these luxuries. They would work at least 10hrs a day and the work would be hard labour. Gone would be the pool tables, dart boards, libraries, TV’s and sound systems and the comfortable sitting room. There would be no personal effects in the cell at all, and visits by loved ones would be restricted to one  1hr session a month.

Arizona Chain Gang

Much is said about things like mobile phones and drugs being smuggled into prisoners regularly by visitors, but this would be stamped out by each one having to go through airport body scanners. Any inmate found to be keeping illicit materials would receive an automatic addition to their sentence of one year. Corrupt prison staff who turn a blind eye to smuggling, or actively take part in it, would immediately find themselves ‘on the inside looking out’ instead of going home to the wife!

This approach to combatting crime has two great advantages, (a) we reduce to almost zero the re-offending rate, and (b) the cost of keeping someone ‘inside’ would be reduced drastically, for the work they do should help pay for their keep. To me it is clear that to reform a criminal you need a justice system that hard and merciless, and only then will the criminals among us think twice about re-offending!

To me its a straightforward deal in which everybody benefits, but getting the politicians and ‘uman rights’ idiots to see it will be impossible.


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