People and Money – Transocean Bonuses

 When it comes to money, some people have no soul, and certainly no conscience. During last week this fact became abundantly clear by the bonuses to be given to executives of  Transocean, who along with BP and Halliburton were responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Deepsea Horizon Finally Sinks

The most incredible fact is they claim it’s because 2010 was their ‘best year for safety’! This is hard to swallow, apart from the fact that 11 men died on the flaming rig when it exploded, the coastline of 4 States was contaminated by 49.9 million barrels of oil, and the ecological effect of the spill is yet to be seen. The spill caused hardship and damage in the billions of dollars, but then, the companies don’t have to foot the full bill do they?

Steve Newman - CEO Transocean

According to the company, there had been a “drop in the number of recorded incidents and their potential severity”. This, the Board claimed was justification for the large bonuses to be paid out to its top executives.

That I find disgraceful, immoral  and totally unacceptable!

The Extent Of The Contamination

In my opinion, President Obama should immediately levy a 100% tax on these payouts, for these people do not deserve to get richer at the expense of other people’s misery. The payouts could be put to better use compensating those who have lost their livelihood. The full scale of the disaster will not be known for many years, and for sure, the local tourist industry suffered greatly, plus the people who live along the shores contaminated by the oil spill.

It just goes to show you how despicable and low people can go when it comes to money!


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