The Unbelievable Stupidity of Some Voters!

Speaks For Itself!

Reading a news article today I was amazed at how short-sighted and stupid some of the general public are when it comes to voting. The results of an opinion poll just released, say that support for Labour now stands at 43% over the Conservatives 32%. In broad terms, this means that should a general election be held today, Labour would romp home with an 11 point lead.

As saving grace, the public does seem to think that Con/Lib George Osborne is more likely to solve the countries economic problems than Labour’s Ed Balls.

But in general, it’s the same old story really, one Party makes a mess of things, and their replacement, while trying to sort out the problems they inherited, get kicked in the shins. What a short memory Labour voters have!

Most seem to have forgotten already that Britain’s problems were caused by the incompetent Labour Party in the first place.

Architects of Chaos

It was the Blair/Brown combination that instigated the massive overspend and the huge unemployment with their policies during the Labour years. Now that is thankfully at an end, a shaky coalition is now trying to get the country back on its feet and find jobs for everyone.

While this is not an impossible task, it is clear that everyone must make sacrifices in order to balance the books. It has to mean higher taxes, and less take-home pay for all, for the simple reason there is no other way! But do the voters understand this? It doesn’t look like it.

People voluntarily taking a cut in pay to ease the financial burden is not unheard of. In this time of crisis it is happening in other countries like Holland. The people don’t like it, but they have the common sense to see that it is necessary to get the economy back on an even keel.

Another Broken Promise From Brown

Conversely, according to reports, it looks very much like Britain is about to be overtaken by a wave of strikes as workers protest at the measures taken. So this year, the working class will perhaps have to limit their drinking to 8 pints instead of 10 at the pub, and the middle class may have to spend their holiday in Blackpool instead of Majorca, but its only temporary folks!

Thankfully, the excesses encouraged by the last Labour government had to come to an end. Britain’s financial state is more precarious than it has been for decades, and only action by a strong government will balance the books at the end of the day. But it means everyone must make do with a little less!

Of course, if things follow the normal pattern, once the Tory/Liberal coalition have got the country back on its feet and the books balance once again, the voter will think its time for a change and Labour will be in again.

Labour’s Legacy – Immigrants Queueing To Get In

Tony Blair and his henchmen brought the country to its knees with their ill-conceived policies. Perhaps the biggest mistake was opening the country’s doors to allow just about anyone to come and live here, even extremists! For decades these people have lived off the tax-payer, made a mockery of our justice system, and when they do finally do some work, take jobs away from ethnic Brits.

What seems to escape many, is that the jobs market in any country is a fine balance between the number of inhabitants and the number of jobs available. Its simple mathematics: Twenty into twenty goes once – forty into twenty goes a half! If you have two applicants for a single job one must lose out, which in turn means he/she is living off the state in the form of benefits and dole money. More governmental expense.

The Final Goal

So this leads me to the question, why did Blair & Co actively encourage hundreds of thousands of immigrants to enter the country during their term of office. Well, according to ‘those in the know’, it came down to two things; Blair had a vision of a multi-cultural Britain, and of course, the immigrants were sure to vote Labour in a general election.

What We, The People Pay For!

But look where it got us! Immigrants living in stately mansions in the centre of London with a weekly rent of £2,000+ paid for by the tax payer! Its disgusting, its insulting and it should never have been allowed.

The country had its share of illegal immigrants too, but what did Tony do, he gave them free housing and benefits for all the years it took their case to be heard, and usually ended up giving them citizenship anyway. More expense to the public purse, and more jobs lost to those with the right to them.

Now we see the Cameron/ Clegg combination attempting to sort out the mess they inherited and getting caned for trying. What we the people have to consider, is the job will be very hard and we the people, must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve the goal of economic stability for all.

The Cost

It just seems crazy that many will vote in those who caused the trouble in the first place because they may lose £20 pounds a week. Balancing the country’s books in the current economic climate will be a sore test for any government, and although mistakes will be made along the way (no-one is perfect) it will be hard but equally necessary. This is no reason to vote in at the next election the clowns who got us in this mess in the first place. Better two years of austerity and a return to ‘the good life’.

On The Right Track? – Give Them A Chance!

One can only hope that future polls will see the balance swing the other way, for as we all know, they are only a rough indicator of public feeling.


9 Responses to “The Unbelievable Stupidity of Some Voters!”

  1. john shurie Says:

    Sorry floroy1942, for thinking you were a Labour voter. And was’nt Blair the one who fiddled with the Treason Law? He could possible see what was coming and did something about it. I wonder if that ‘change’ went through the commons. Can anyone throw light on this mater?


    • Hi John,
      Nice to have you back. Think nothing of it, I think you and I are on the same page with that one. I did a little research on the question you asked and came up with the following that is a direct quote: “By 1965, capital punishment had been abolished for almost all crimes, but was still mandatory (unless the offender was pardoned or the sentence commuted) for high treason until 1998. By section 36 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998[49] the maximum punishment for high treason became life imprisonment”.
      Tony Blair was of course Prime Minister at the time, and as you say, he could well have foreseen the day when he was charged with treason for practically destroying the British way of life almost single-handed. I still think that man should be locked up for the rest of his life!
      Best Regards,


      • john shurie Says:

        Thanks for that Roy. There have been one or two ocassions when people have tried to make a civil arrest him for treason but failed. Pity. Regards, John


      • Hi John,
        I agree it is a shame that evil man can get away with what he did, and not forgetting all his partners in crime. But there again, we know the Law in Britain is failing the people every day.
        I hope to see you back some day soon. Thanks for ‘following’. I will try to keep you entertained.
        Best Regards,


      • John Shurie. Says:

        Thanks Roy, best wishes, Regards, John.


  2. 2kitty2 Says:

    In my experience labourites will always vote labour no matter matter how many times they get s… on. Because after they vote they pay no attention to what follows. Most have’nt the brains to follow whats going on in poliitics. Look at where Blair always stood, Sedgfield I beleive. The likes of Miliband, Ed Bo…ks will always get their vote. those two and Blair and Brown got this country into an absolute mess! As for pit closures, Wilson closed about 127, but no riots then? Where was Scargill and his cohorts then? Then the IMF came back after a further request for money (3rd time) and were told to make cuts to save money. The IMF was set up to save poor countries. Another, Wilson Healey combo fiasco. It just goes on and on.


    • Hi Kitty,
      Thanks for your comment, and oh how right you are, I couldn’t agree more. So often in the past I have heard the old ‘nugget of wisdom’, “well my father always voted Labour and I will too”. Such a stupid sentiment in this day and age. As for the Unions, everyone should know they do not go against Labour when they are in power but they love to pound the Tory’s. Although at the moment they are flexing their muscles again with Miliband.

      I am sure that if Labour get in again, especially with Miliband as Prime Minister it will be a disaster. Dianne Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister has already gone on record as saying Britain needs MORE immigrants, and according to her, many of her Cabinet colleagues agree. If they get back in all true Brits might as well emigrate!
      Best Regards,


      • floyroy1942, I just cannot beleive your comments! You agree with my comments and yet you still intend to vote Labour! You beggar beleive! The idiots who always vote labour pay no attention nor have the brains to follow what goes on in real life. As i’ve said before they put the X in the box and pay no attention to what follows. They cannot ever see when they are being shafted by Labour. We ended up with a Con/Lib dem g/ment because of the this. An IQ test for everyone would sort out those capeable of making an informed decision on their ability to make a decision left or right.


      • Hi John and welcome,
        Where on earth do you get the idea that I would vote labour? I wouldn’t vote for that bunch of idiots under torture! The Labour Party have single-handedly been responsible for the biggest treachery to the country we have ever had in our recent history. To me, Tony (multi-cultural) Blair and that ass-kissing idiot Brown would have stood trial for treason if I had my way.
        I do fully agree with the rest of your comment however, for it seems many people in this country are out and out dimwits when it comes to politics. Roll on the day when they bring in the IQ test for voters, who knows John, it may come someday.
        Best Regards,


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