PC Madness – This One Really Takes the Biscuit!

We all know that PC (Political Correctness) has reached the stage where it defies logic, and has turned what used to be ‘nice’ people into interfering busybodies who poke their noses into everyone’s lives, looking for an excuse to exert a little power over us ‘normal’ folks.

The Non-Politically Correct Biscuit

Well, from the stories that have hit the headlines recently, this one is a ‘dandy’.

A dinner lady at a Northern Ireland school has been criticised for giving a child a biscuit. It would appear the lady in question, Pat Lavery, had been approached by a child who asked for a biscuit. She instructed  a colleague who was handing out biscuits to give one to the child.

The following day, the Catering Supervisor was told by one of the teachers, who was at the time acting principal, that giving the child a biscuit could be construed as ‘grooming’ under the Child Protection Rules.

Do these people live on the same planet as the rest of us? Are we really supposed to take them seriously? This is a prime example of giving a small person a little power and allowing them to abuse it. Why did our ‘noble-minded’ teacher imagine that the simple act of giving a biscuit to a child is grooming? For what???

The Dinner Lady at Work

Perhaps the dinner lady was trying to induce the child to act as look-out while she robbed a bank, or as a prelude to kidnapping the child and selling it on the slave market, or maybe it was something more sinister like grooming the child for acts of sexual indecency??? Poppycock!

This event took place in May 2008, and despite being vindicated by various education tribunals, Pat Lavery has undergone harassment from neighbours and town-folk since then. According to her husband she has had to accept much abuse at the hands of people who should know better.

She was required by her school board to submit to three meetings (i.e. grillings) on the subject, and because of the pressure finally left her job at the school. Both the local education board, the Western Education and Library Board, and the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools failed to meet their obligations in this matter and it was not until the case went before Mervyn Storey, Chairman of the Stormont Government Education Committee that she got any common sense.

Political Correctness in School?

Storey is quoted as saying; “I think that this is an example of bureaucracy and political correctness getting in the way of common sense. The problem with common sense is that it is not very common.” Oh how right you are Sir, most particular with the last bit!

Pat Lavery is now back in her job and has been promised apologies and compensation from the authorities.

To me however, this does not go far enough. The report does not state what happened to the miss-guided teacher, but to my mind he/she should at least have been fired! Even though this person may be sufficiently chastened by the result of the inquiry, people like this should never be employed in a position where they can wield even a small iota of power.

Life according to these pompous asses would mean we all walk around in straitjackets and have no social contact with other human beings for fear of being a branded a ‘groomer’!

This self-righteous person caused a lot of misery for the Lavery family, but will never pay in equal measure for her stupidity.

It is without doubt, time the government stepped in and did away with all these idiotic laws and crackpots in positions of power once and for all.


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