Britain – Land of the Loony’s. Part 3

Imagine you are in a shopping centre taking a photograph of your small son on a children’s ride, when a security guard tells you may not because you might be a pedophile! Almost beggars belief does it not? In Looney Britain everything is possible!

Kevin Geraghty-Shewan took his 4-year-old son Ben to the local shopping centre and stuck him in the toy engine so he could have some fun. As he was taking a photo of the toddler with his mobile a security guard approached him saying he could not do that. When asked why, the guard stated that Mr. Geraghty could be a pedophile and insisted the phone be handed over so the photo could be deleted. Geraghty refused after telling the guard it was his son, but the police were still called. Needless to say, he was threatened with arrest, but eventually, after an argument the policeman confirmed no offence had been committed.

The Bridge Shopping Centre in Sunderland where the incident took place, apologised but said they had instructed guards to be vigilant at all times, also in respect to photography in the centre.

I remember the times when you could go shopping, take photo’s wherever you wanted, have a beer and smoke a cigarette in peace and quiet without obnoxious self-righteous dipsticks poking their nose into your business, but I guess these are civil liberties long since assigned to the trash can!!!

No-one would deliberately eat a winning lottery ticket would they? Whatever you do, don’t bet on it because that is exactly what happened on a Ryanair flight from Krackow Poland, to East Midlands airport in the UK.

Apparently, the airline passenger won a €10,000 prize in the Gourmet Scratch Card Lottery on board the aircraft, but when told by cabin staff he could only claim the prize from the lottery company after landing and not receive the money on board, he got upset. So upset that he proceeded to eat the winning card, even though staff and fellow passengers tried to talk him out of it. Ryanair have since said they are asking people to vote on-line to decide which charity should receive the money. I doubt I could ever get so frustrated as to do something like eat a winning lottery ticket. Gimme the money, even later, and I’ll instantly feel better!!!

Don’t we all love to cuddle up in the cinema with a great big bag of popcorn and a bucket-sized cola? Some may think again about this after reading a report issued today, but not many I suspect. The UK Foods Standards Agency (FSA) is warning cinema-goers about the dangers of popcorn and cola. It has been reported that a large bag of popcorn most buy in the cinema contains around 1,800 calories and your large cola 328 calories. This means in effect, that you consume practically your entire daily calorific needs in just one ‘snack’.

It would seem that some people even think popcorn does not contain any calories, but they are dead wrong. According to the FSA, the problem is not only in the item, but just as much the size of the portion. Most cinema’s are offering massive bags on popcorn and almost bucket size cola drinks in order to get people into the cinema these days. They defend this by saying the portions are intended for two people sharing, but as often as not, they are still bought and consumed by a single person. The majority of comments on the article suggest the FSA should mind its own business.

You can’t help those who won’t be helped! It’s no wonder waistlines are expanding at an ever-increasing rate among cinema fans!!!

What a world!


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