France and the Muslim Veil

No or Yes?

So finally a European country is starting to take a stand against the Muslim veil, and its about time! This week France refused citizenship to a Muslim male because he forced his wife to wear the Islamic Burka which covers a woman from head to toe, including the eyes. The French Immigration Authorities refused the man because his wife did not have the right to appear in public with her face uncovered. Three cheers for France! So when is Harriet Harman, the Labour Women and Equality Minister going to get stuck in?

She has been extremely vocal on all things to do with women’s rights, and I don’t blame her for that, but this is something she has been silent about ever since she got the post. So why is that? The obvious reason that comes to mind is the current UK watchword; Don’t upset the Muslims!!!

It is a contentious subject because of its supposed religious overtones, but that is no answer for ignoring it. The Koran does not require women to cover themselves from head to foot, and no Muslim will find a passage that backs ups this bizarre practice.

If we examine the reasons for such draconian measures within Islam, we must come to the conclusion that it is something enforced by men for the sole purpose of subjugating women. In the Islamic world, women are second class citizens, and most Muslim men probably value their goats above their women.

I have a suspicion that it also has a lot to do with jealousy on the part of men, who do not want their women looked at by others. That woman should be forced to submit to this degradation in the name of religion in this day and age is nothing short of scandalous. It is totally alien to the western culture but has become accepted because of the influx of immigrants from Islamic countries.

Should we be forced to accept it on so-called religious grounds? I think not! With the increasing threat of terrorism from Muslim extremists, we are actively engaged in taking measures with our own people to ensure positive identification, but allow  Muslim women to walk among us covered from head to foot and not even knowing if the person under the garment is male or female.

We presume someone in a Burka is female, but for all we know, Osama Bin Laden could be living in downtown Bradford wearing a Burka in public.


The leader of Hamas was caught some months ago at the Egyptian border trying to enter the country in a Burka, and who knows how many other ‘Wanted’ individuals use the same trick to travel freely? Something else that should cause concern, and a good reason for banning the Burka, is the number of women suicide bombers that have shown up recently in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the current regulations there is nothing anyone can do to identify a woman bomber is there? Do we have to wait for a Muslim woman to step into a crowded place and blow herself up before the government takes action on this subject?

Immigration Authorities and the Police are in a sticky position when trying to determine if the person in front of them is who they say they are. If an Islamic woman refuses to lower her veil for religious reasons what do you do? Force them, or arrest them, and cause a possible international incident or religious outcry?

The Right to Choose?

It is time the rest of Europe followed the French lead and placed a blanket ban (sorry! Pun intended) on the Burka in all European countries. It serves no real purpose other than to satisfy the ego of Muslims males, and although many older Muslim women, who have never known anything different, will object, I am sure many of the younger ones will hail their new-found freedom. It comes down to this; if you live here, you respect our way of life. If you cannot do that, then go home!

So come on Harriet, how about it? Either do your job for all women, or don’t do it at all.

As-salamu Alaykum


2 Responses to “France and the Muslim Veil”

    • Hi,
      Thank you Kashifiat for bringing this article to my attention. It is well written and I found it interesting, even if I cannot fully agree with what the author is saying.
      Firstly, I don’t think Peter Berkowitz equated the veil directly with sexual violence, it was but one of the points he was making when he said that the veil, cousin marriage, polygamy and sexual violence ALL go to create barriers to integration.
      It is true that SOME women do choose to wear the veil, but what you did not say is that MANY do not, but are forced to by their husbands.
      I think it is general knowledge by now that the Quaran says nothing about subjugating women, and certainly nothing about women having to cover their entire body when in public. As to the veil giving women ‘empowerment’, this I very much doubt.
      You say “Many women choose the veil freely, and see it as protection that allows them to be fully part of the world.” Can they not be ‘fully part of the world’ without the veil as in other cultures?
      I do not know much about discrimination in France, but I know plenty about it in my country, England. There Muslims have unprecedented freedoms, even to the extent of being free to demonstrate and shout insults at soldiers returning from Afghanistan where they are fighting for the peace and security of the Afghan people. They are fighting so the people of Afghanistan may have the right to CHOOSE THEIR OWN DESTINY, and not have one forced upon them by the Taliban.
      The biggest failure of many Muslim people who have come to Europe, is not wishing to integrate. Instead of coming to these shores, living their lives while respecting ours, many Muslims want to turn Europe into a Muslim state. For example, they demand that mosques be built, whereas, if I, a christian were to demand a church in a Muslim land I would be beheaded, not because I want a church, but simply because I am a Christian!
      Islam it is often said is a religion of peace, but that only applies if you are a Muslim.
      I write many articles about Muslims in Britain on my blog, and I must admit I complain a lot, but I think with justification. I have little doubt that in thirty or forty years time Britain and the rest of Europe will be a Muslim State, purely because of the Muslim birth-rate versus the indigenous birth-rate (See my blog Swiss Minarets – Tip of the Iceberg 3/12/09) where it is all explained.
      Anyway, perhaps we must agree to disagree on many points put forward by the author but that is fine. I wish you well.


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