Britain to Blame for Extremism?

  It emerged today that America is blaming Britain for the rise in Islamic extremism. Leading policy makers in the American administration have accused Britain of being “a menace to the rest of the world” because of its failure to tackle Islamic radicalism within its borders. Is the accusation justified? Most certainly!

For years the British people and government have been pandering to the Islamic minority of the country for fear of being seen as anti-Islamic – Islamophobia.

This sickness has found its way into every facet of British life to the extent that to utter a single word of criticism against Muslims or Islam, means you risk being   branded a ‘racist’, much the same as the sixties and seventies during the rise of ‘Black Power’. English traditions going back centuries are slowly dying out because they may offend the Muslim population.

This criticism of Britain has come to light after the failed suicide bomb attack on a Detroit-bound airliner by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who, it is said, was radicalised in London. For a time, he was president of the Islamic Society at the University College London (UCL) which has been severely criticised for allowing, and even actively encouraging, extremist Muslim preachers to give lectures on campus.

There are many universities in Britain with the same lax attitude towards Muslim extremism, and these places of learning are a fertile recruiting ground for groups like al Qaeda.

Evidence of this can be seen in the atrocities list of the past few years; Omar Sheik who killed Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 (London School of Economics); Asif Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif who blew themselves up in Tel Aviv in 2003 (King’s College London); Abdullah Achmed Ali leader of the liquid bomb plot in 2006 (City University London), the list goes on. All received an education in British Universities, and all were most certainly recruited there by visiting ‘lecturers’ like Anwar al-Awlaki a well-known radical Yemen-based Imam who has preached on various occasions at UCL among others, and gave spiritual guidance to both the failed Detroit bomber, and the Fort Hood assassin Nidal Hasan.

This institutionalised acceptance of allowing extremist and radical Islamic preachers to openly infect the minds of impressionable young men is beyond doubt a scandal, but all comes under the heading of Islamophobia.

Another accusation, levelled by Marc Thiessen, former speech writer for George W. Bush and Pentagon aide, was that Muslim immigrants into the UK were marginalised, and segregated into ‘ghetto’s’ instead of being integrated into society as in America.

This I cannot agree with for the simple reason that Muslims in Britain do not wish to integrate into British society. They form these ‘ghetto’s’ of their own accord by taking over entire areas, and even towns in their desire to live together as a separate community. This Islamization of towns is an on-going process and results, among other things, in them demanding Muslim schools, and English schools teaching the National Curriculum in Arabic. This is wrong, but symptomatic of the failure of the government to ensure the immigrant population is spread wide across the country. How would Mr, Thiessen feel if Muslim immigrants in the States demanded High Schools taught their children in Arabic?

Charles Allen, a recently retired CIA operative, claimed there is “a lack of assimilation, a great deal of alienation” towards Muslims in Britain, and to some extent he is correct, but not completely.

Tell that to the Muslim men in this film Charlie!

When the immigrant population of Britain and the rest of Europe are ready to admit they should adopt the customs and language of their new country relations will  improve, but instead they demand we change our customs to suit them. If we do not, we are racist.

The lack of willingness to assimilate on the part of most Muslims, coupled with the past failure of successive governments to ensure that ghetto’s were not allowed to form in the first place, has led to a feeling of mistrust by many members of the British population which has of course been crystallised by the terrorist attacks in recent years. The one feeds off the other.

There is much to support the American feeling that Britain has become a ‘hotbed’ of extremism in the world, but the problem has gone too far for a simple solution.

Britain, and indeed all European countries, need to stamp down hard on the  Imams who preach their hatred in the mosques, turning peaceful young men into extremists willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah.

It is also imperative the European Union law enforcement institutions project a more robust attitude towards the threat of terrorism within its borders, and as suggested by the news article, treat the terrorists as enemy combatants instead of just criminals.

However, in the long term it is only the Muslim people themselves who can put an end to this hi-jacking of their Faith for the purposes of terrorism.

May peace come to all – Inshallah!


4 Responses to “Britain to Blame for Extremism?”

  1. Hi Iftikhar,
    Thank you for your comment, it is good to hear the opinions of a Muslim. I think you and I could have an interesting discussion on this subject.
    To answer your accusations however, I have to say that I agree with your statement about ***-bashing. It has taken place in the past, and I for one am ashamed of it. However, it does not excuse the fact that in England there are now many no-go areas for whites and Christians in English towns and cities, so I guess both sides are to blame.
    Do not forget that Muslim, and indeed all other immigrants, are fed, housed, and clothed for long periods at the expense of the British tax payer. This brings with it a certain amount of responsibility.
    I have to question your statement that there are “hundreds of them (Muslim youths) behind bars without any trial” for the simple reason this is not possible under the British Justice System. So far as Police searches on the street are concerned, an English ‘Hoodie’ is just as liable to search as any Muslim.
    You say the English education system is not suitable for Muslim children and on religious grounds you may be correct, but every child from whatever race needs to read and write etc. Immigrants into any country should learn the language and customs of their new hosts. That is not to say they should not retain their own customs and language, of course they should, but they must also be ready to accept and live by the ‘norms’ of the country they have chosen to adopt.
    Demonstrations by Muslims on English streets with large signs reading ‘Death to Infidels’, “We demand Sharia Law in the UK’, ‘Islam will rule the world’ etc do nothing to enhance the Muslim situation in Britain. I can imagine what would happen in say Iran or Saudi Arabia if Christians marched with such slogans.
    The only way for there to be trust and coexistence between Muslims and any other race, is for the Islamic countries and people to denounce all terrorists and extremists. They all say they are acting on behalf of Muslims everywhere. No-one has heard condemnation of al Qeada and Osama bin Laden from any Muslim country or Muslim group have they?
    The best thing for all Muslims is to silence the extremist clergy who are sowing the seeds of hate, and daily trying to recruit decent hard-working young Muslims as suicide bombers, all in the name of Allah!
    It has to stop, and then we can all live in peaceful coexistence with one another.
    May we both live long enough to see peace in the world.


  2. Salaam

    It is not Islam and Muslims who are creating problems, actually it is
    British society creating problems for the Muslim community.

    The Muslim community has been vicitm of (expletive deleted)-bashing in all walks of life by the British society and Establishment for the last 60 years. Now it is
    vicitm of terrorism by the British Establishment. Thousands of Muslim
    youth are being serched in the streets and hundreds of them are behind the bar without any trial.

    State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are not suitable for
    Muslim children. This is the reason why majority of them leave schools
    with low grades.

    God has created diverse human beings to live in this tiny global villageas of one family. Creation by its very nature is deverse with different species, different communities, different cultures and languages. These differences represent the beauty and wonder but diversity is sometimes not fully appreciated, resulting in all sorts of clashes. The British society and Establishment must learn to respect and accommodate others, as if in a family.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to
    become notoriously monolingual Brit. He/she is supposed to be well versed in standard English, Arabic, Urdu and other community languages, to be part of the Britisah society, as well as proud of his/her cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of his/her literature and poetry.
    Iftikhar Ahmad


  3. Hi bghosh,
    Thanks for your comment. You have outlined the tactics used by these people to gain control over an area, they have been doing the same in Britain for years. I must add however, they would never dare go so far as to block roads etc, but there are many no-go areas these days for whites and christians.
    Have a wonderful New Year, and may fortune smile upon you.


  4. bghosh Says:

    the propensity of average Muslim to live in ghetto of their own is seen everywhere in India. first they will choose a place where they are least likely to be disturbed. then slow mass accretion start. money will be found to buy out original locals. when a critical mass is reached ( 25%). they will behave aggressively towards the remaining locals: make pass at their women and offering Namaz blocking roads are two tools mainly used. the locals will seek safer place and the ghetto is accomplished. police fear to go into a ghetto and self employed denizens will not pay tax for services and income. the ghettos resemble fortresses where they exist like enemy enclaves. this is seen ill major cities in India.


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