Susan Did Not Let Us Down!

I have had the CD on order for many months and two days ago it arrived. With anticipation I slipped it into the car stereo system and waited. It seemed to take forever to load but it was in fact a few seconds. Cue music!

With a great deal of surprise I listened to the first CD release from the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Superstar Susan Boyle. I had been expecting something remarkable, and I was not disappointed as she started to sing ‘Wild Horses’.

As you listen to the songs, you could be forgiven for thinking she is a long established professional like Lena Horne or Shirley Bassey. To think that this very ordinary (to some people a bit quirky) Scottish spinster of 48 who, according to the Press couldn’t handle the pressure, has triumphed over her critics once again.

It was no great surprise to me that this first album has been met with a storm of praise from her fans, and has set records for first day and first week sales.

Looking at the effect the ‘Hollywood’ treatment has had on her appearance on the album sleeve photo’s, I was immediately happy for her. Now, after a hairdo, a bit of makeup and a lovely dress, she looks every inch a star.

When I looked at the song list I was a little surprised at some of the songs included. In particular, I thought at first the inclusion of ‘Daydream Believer’, an uptempo pop song from The Monkees (1967) may have been a mistake. I could not imagine Susan’s voice being able to do it justice as a ‘Pop’ song. Thankfully when it started to play I realised I should not have worried. With a skillful musical arrangement, the song was delivered in a style that suited her voice, and she certainly didn’t let anyone down.The same can be said for her rendition of the Carpenter’s ‘End of the World’, so beautifully performed by Karen Carpenter so many years ago.

There are also two songs with a religious theme on the album, namely; ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’. Both were delivered with a professionalism that was astounding. In particular, I found Susan’s rendition of ‘How Great Thou Art’ haunting to say the least. The use of studio techniques gave the impression she was singing in Westminster Cathedral, and the affect was electrifying.

I also enjoyed ‘You’ll See’ which if you listen to the words, seems to be a message for the cowardly Press who have dogged her every move, making up stories that later proved untrue.

Although all of the songs were wonderful, for me the best was one she used to sing in the Working Men’s Club in her hometown many years ago (See U-Tube); ‘Cry Me A River’, and of course the song that will be associated with her the most; ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.

After all the sniggers and outright laughter prior to her starting to sing on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, after all the back-stabbing typical of the British Press, I am glad she has shown her critics that she is a real star, well worthy of the title.

Sing On Susan! Your audience is the world.


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