Your Anti-Wrinkle Cream May Not Be All It Appears

A most bizaar crime was uncovered in Peru last week. A group of criminals were killing people to extract their body fat for onward sale to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It would appear from the report that human body fat is used in the production of cosmetics and anti-wrinkle cream. Ugh! I think I’d rather have my wrinkles.

Local people were lured into the net with the promise of jobs and then summarily killed. In a makeshift lab, body tissue was removed and the body fat extracted. These items were transported by bus to Lima, the capitol, and then sent on to Italy where other gangs sold the stuff to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in Europe. It would seem to be a profitable enterprise, for a litre of body fat sold for $15,000.

Police said the gang, referred to as the Pishtacos after a Peruvian legend, could be responsible for the deaths of up to sixty people in the region. According to one of those arrested, the ringleader Hilario Cardena had been committing these crimes for decades.

As crimes go, this must rank as one of the most bizarre, and is an indication of how warped the human being can be in the search for riches. If you are a person of, shall we say ”large” proportions, it would perhaps be advisable to cross Peru off your visiting list.

Rejoice in your wrinkles, for the alternative may make you an accessory.


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