Where Do These People Come From?

I am sure there are people who live on a different planet to the rest of us! A few days ago I saw a news article on BBC that confirmed my belief that there are indeed strange individuals living amongst us.

It concerns a new religion, based would you believe on the Star Wars movies! We now have a religious sect of Jedi Knights!

It came to my attention when the founder of the Jedi ‘Church’, Daniel Jones, entered a Tesco Supermarket in Bangor Wales, with a hood over his head. Naturally enough, what with all the problems with hooded youths today (‘Hoodies’), the supermarket staff asked him to lower his hood. He refused, and was therefore told he must leave the premises.

As the argument became more heated, he complained the hood was an essential part of his religion as a Jedi Knight, and accused the staff of ‘religious ‘ persecution, and threatened to sue.

Jones, otherwise known as Morda Hehol, claimed; “It states in our Jedi doctrine that I can wear headware. It just covers the back of my head”. He further stated; “You have a choice of wearing headware in your home or at work, but you have to wear a cover for your head when you are in public”.

In it’s defence, the store staff replied that Obi Wan Kanobi, Yoda and Luke Skywalker all appeared without headgear in public. It did not seem to influence Jones’s opinion however, who said it was part of their doctrine, which incidentally, as leader he wrote! After telling the staff he was thinking of boycotting the store and may seek legal advice, he left.

A little research has shown the Jedi Church has 500,000 followers world wide, and the whole thing was started by this Jones character.

The tale however does not end here because two Jedi Knights and Chewbacca all demonstrated outside the London UN Building for recognition of their ‘Faith’. Umada and Yunyun, or John Wilkinson and Charlotte Law as they are called in the real world, wanted recognition of their faith from the UN.

Wilkinson stated; “We have come here today to ask that we are recognised as the fourth largest religion in this country”, after stating the religion had 339.000 members at the last (2001) British census.

Like I said, the world is full of nuts, and I guess George Lucas is laughing fit to bust!

If there are any more nuts out there looking for inspiration, I saw the film ‘Transformers’ recently, so perhaps we could have a Transformer Church and all dress up in discarded car parts!!! Now there’s an idea!!!

Keep the True Faith,


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