Disco Debs and Fashion

Yesterday evening I attended a rather chique beach disco bar in Marbella with some friends, and it was full of the ‘neuvo riche’ showing off their money.

I was amazed at the number of teenagers (and suedo-teeners) displaying their wares in all the latest fashion creations, and it got me to thinking.

I have always been a ‘people-watcher’ and believe me, it can be a rewarding hobby. Some of the sights that passed in front of my eyes last night would make a priest blush.

All the girls were dressed in the latest fashions which varied from skirts so short as to be compared with wide belts, to glittering, or diaphanous creations that would be more suited to a tart. But perhaps the most disturbing were the mothers trying to emulate their offspring.

They stood out like a sore thumb in their ‘sexy’ outfits trying to copy the dance moves of their youngsters, which was rather a waste of time because they couldn’t dance either.

Fashion must move on to be competitive, but today it has reached a point where it now pushes items that would only have been worn by tarts, or ‘ladies of the night’ in days gone by. My, how times change, or maybe I have just got old!

The accent today seems to be to put everything on display in the hope of catching a hapless male for casual sex, not that the average young male of today is complaining of course.

All the mystery and enchantment of seduction seems to have been washed out of relationships these days, because its more a case of “Here it is, take it or leave it”. Seduction has become as bald as “Fancy a —-?” to which she will reply, if he is lucky, “OK!”

The one thing I have learned in all my years is this: Men want sex as often as they can get it, but at the same time, want to marry a virgin! How’s that for a paradox! Males always think they can have their cake and eat it (no innuendo intended).

Today’s situation does rather lead to the question; Where do we go from here? Well, for my part I have no idea!

One good reason why we cannot glimpse the future perhaps?


One Response to “Disco Debs and Fashion”

  1. Phil Says:

    Great insight! Nothing new. Sounds like what I am reading in Ezekiel…


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