And Now a Ghost?

I have just watched footage of what CNN speculates is the ghost of Michael Jackson walking the hallways of his Neverland Ranch. As one who has never believed in ghosts, it strikes me as strange that a reputable news channel like CNN should make such a claim.

However, a shadowy figure can be seen crossing a hallway during a CNN shoot at the ranch. According to the report, the figure was not noticed initially, and was discovered later. Sceptics will no doubt claim it was added later in the studio, and this is possible with modern technology, but who can say.

Another interesting report claims that Michael’s sister, La Toya, is insisting he “was murdered for his money”. Now that doesn’t surprise me!

According to her, there was always at least a million dollars in cash kept in his home, and she has stated publicly that there was no money, or jewelry, found after Michael’s death.

“Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice!

It is I believe, quite justifiable to say that Michael Jackson had among his entourage people who did not have his best interests at heart, but were there to get what they could out of him. It is a constant danger for people of his standing in the world, they seem to attract the parasites like bees to honey.

Michael, I think, was a good man through and through, a simple man who believed only in the good of people, who was so naive and wrapped up in his music that he failed to take note of what his ‘advisers and financial experts’ were up to.

La Toya seems convinced there was a “conspiracy by a number of people” to murder him for his money. It would appear that he had been fed a cocktail of various medicines by his doctor, and was found in his doctors bedroom, not his own bed as first thought. An intravenous drip and oxygen bottle were found in his room, although the contents of the drip are at the moment unknown.

Michael’s sister has further claimed that those surrounding him “cut him off from his family and friends” and “forced him to sign contracts for 50 concerts’ instead of ‘the 10 that he wanted to do”. She has claimed he “was the loneliest man in the world” after being cut off from those who loved him at the time of his death.

We can only hope that time will reveal all that happened in Michael Jackson’s final hours, and the story may well be different from what we now know. There are many unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding one of the most influential pop stars of all time, and we can only hope the Police and perhaps the FBI do not rest on their laurels.

Without doubt, there is a huge question mark over the drug cocktail that was administered to him, what was given, why it was given, and who authorized it etc.

The one thing that has surprised me the most about this whole episode, is how quick the pathologist was in reaching his conclusion that Michael died a natural death, and how quickly his body was released for burial. Surely, if it was known that drugs of any sort were involved, prescribed or otherwise, this in itself would be sufficient reason for a full autopsy and toxicology to be initiated. In this case it seems, these tests were considered unnecessary. Why!

I really do have to question the competence of the original pathologist, or is there something more sinister at work here? Were there people among his entourage who hoped he would be buried quickly, so as to make it impossible for the true cause of his death to be discovered? The man was worth a billion dollars, so what has happened to all his money? Has it all been accounted for? What about the cash and jewelry kept in the house? Where did it go? Did it exist, as La Toya claims?

These questions, and many more, need to be answered before the authorities can properly close the book on the Michael Jackson case.

So far as the man is concerned, it is my feeling he was a simple man, with a great love for all mankind. He did not have a devious cell in his body, and was, without doubt, totally oblivious to the intrigue and scheming that was going on around him. He lived for his music, and you only have to watch one of his performances to see that he gave each one 110%.

Watching his interview videos, you get the feel of how lonely he was. He stated openly that he desired the ability to go shopping in a supermarket and do the simple things we all take for granted. His fame however made such an everyday thing impossible, but it did give an insight, for those clever enough to pick it up, that inside he must have been very lonely indeed. This must have been very hard for an individual with so much love to share.

That he should be vilified by the press because he was different to the rest of us, and taken advantage of by those who would obtain money from him, is one of the great scandals of our time.

I hope all the facts surrounding this case come to light quickly, because only then will Michael’s ‘Ghost’ no longer haunt the halls of Neverland.

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!


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