Susan Boyle – Postscript

So, the final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has taken place and the winner is known. As the results were announced, the tension was plain to see on Susan’s face. Just a short time ago it was announced that she was awarded second place behind the dance group Diversity. Susan was, as one would expect, magnanimous in defeat.

All the acts were, I must say, very good and I would have found it hard to pick a winner, but the British public chose the dance group. The difference between Susan Boyle and the others, is that she has an enduring talent. If she gets the breaks she deserves, she will still be going strong when all the rest are long forgotten. The general public are notoriously fickle, and always have been. As I think Diversity will find out after the Royal Variety Performance, you can be the world’s greatest star today, and yet tomorrow it would be as if you never existed.

I am sorry that Susan Boyle did not win, as I would have enjoyed very much hearing her sing in front of Her Majesty The Queen at the next Royal Variety Performance.

During the last week she has been hounded relentlessly by the Press who seem to have been intent on destroying her. Why this was done no-one seems to know, but the attacks on her were as vicious as only the English press can be. For those who do not know it, The English Press is akin to a pack of jackals in a feeding frenzy when they get their collective teeth into someone, and there are no bounds to the depths of depravity and outright viciousness to which it will stoop. “But you see, it sells newspapers!!!”

The situation got so bad by Wednesday she wanted to drop out of the final, so the organisers of the TV show were forced to move her into a ‘safe house’ where she could recover and prepare herself for the greatest moment in her life.

A Scottish spinster living in a village in Scotland, who’s only ambition in life is to sing for the people finally realised her dream for 99%. The crowning glory would have been the chance to sing for The Queen.

I sincerely hope someone gives her the chance of a recording contract, because she has a voice that should be heard, and if she does bring out a CD, I for one will buy it.

Now after a few short weeks of world-wide fame, she may have to go back to that little Scottish village from whence she came, and get used to ‘life after fame’, but I hope not. From the letters on her fan website ( it would seem she has developed a huge following in America and across the world, and I am glad. If the Brits don’t know what a star they have in their midst, I’m happy someone else does.

Her story is like that of Cinderella, and now the clock has struck twelve, but I pray her prince will come along with a recording contract in hand very quickly.

If you wish to see the performance of this remarkable lady please use the following link:

Good luck Susan, and God bless.


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