The Pakistan Government Reads My Blog?

WOW! Does someone in the Pakistani Government read my Blog, because they seem to suddenly have woken up to the Taliban threat!

An article in one of today’s newspapers informs us that the Taliban have all but taken over Buner Province and are starting to spread their influence even further. That’s what happens when you allow a viper to enter your house and then expect it to go to sleep?

All government officials and aid agencies have been ejected from the region, and police have been forced to retreat to their barracks. The governmental judiciary and courts have ceased to function as the Taliban take over with their Sharia Law.

They are now starting to infiltrate other neighbouring provinces also. In Upper Dir, a senior government politician was kidnapped yesterday and held by militants for several hours before being released.

Everywhere armed militants patrol the streets armed with AK47’s and R.P.G’s. When confronted with this I doubt anyone would be brave enough to object. Intimidation is a powerful weapon.

It seems the United States has up woken up to the threat before the Pakistani Government. Hilary Clinton addressed the Congress with a warning “the Pakistani government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and the extremists,”. She went on to say that any worsening in the situation “poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world.”

If the Taliban succeed in taking over Pakistan imagine what that will do for Bin Laden and Al Quada! No-one will able to touch him or his followers and the world will descend into anarchy.

It would appear that the government tried to appease the militants with the peace deal, but all they have done is release a caged dragon and given it a home.

You can never appease militants because they have no conscience whatsoever, they do not care how they achieve their aims just so long as they do.

At the Taliban headquarters in Imam Dheri near Mingora, spokesman Muslim Khan said their aim was first Sharia in Pakistan and then all Muslim countries. He is quoted as saying that this did not only cover the law, but also education, health and economics.

The militants have already started to demolish schools in Bunar Province, and I suppose all archaeological sites and ancient monuments will follow as they did in Afghanistan.

It is time the world, and in particular the other Muslim countries woke up to the fact they have a viper in the nest and it needs to be killed once and for all time.

All other Muslim countries seem content to ignore the threat of these radicals, thinking it won’t affect them, but it will, and soon. I wonder what the people of AbuDhabi, Saudi Arabia and other moderate countries would say when the Taliban start moving in on them after they take over Pakistan?

Just imagine they succeed in taking the whole Muslim world into Sharia. Does anyone imagine they will stop there? All democratic countries would be next. Fancy a mosque just up the street, public floggings and hangings in Times Square? I don’t!

Education would be for men only, and the Taliban would ensure your level of schooling would not be such that you would be in a position to challenge them. Women would be little more than possessions, like cattle, with no rights at all.

Another downside, is you would never know who you were marrying because you would not get even a glimpse of what you were getting. You may imagine you are about to wed a nubile eighteen-year-old only to find under the robes on your wedding night a fifty-year-old hag! Now there’s a thought!

Even if these people succeed, they are doomed to failure because no system of this magnitude could hope to keep control for long. The problem is, how much harm would it do in the process.

If the Pakistani Government is slow to react they will lose the battle before it has even begun, and peace in the world will be in peril.

Pakistan must open itself to offers of military help from around the world and stamp out these radicals once and for all time. Preferably before they take over the country and control its nuclear weapons. I shudder to think what will happen if maniacal idiots like these get their hands on such weapons.

The Muslim countries also need to see the urgency of action before it is too late. They can no longer afford to sit on the fence and hope the problem goes away. The longer they wait the worse it will be for them, and us, in the future.

There is time, just!

Here’s hoping you never see your wife in a Bhurka!


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