A Foot in the Door and the Castle Falls!

About eight to ten days or so ago, I read a news item that reported the Pakistan Government had signed a peace deal with the Taliban after being at war with them since 2007. The two main conditions were, the government allows Sharia (Islamic) Law in the northern province of Malakand, and in exchange the Taliban would disarm.

Which Pakistani politician was stupid enough to believe that????

Events have since developed in a way that were obvious, and any fool could have predicted what would happen. I did, and I’m thousands of miles away!

Far from disarming, the Taliban have now moved from their stronghold in Swat into the neighbouring Province of Buner, and are expanding their influence at a rapid pace. This province is only 100 kms from the capital Islamabad.

Already they have ransacked international aid and development offices in Buner, moved into government offices, banned the playing of music in cars, and taken over the Mosques in an attempt to get young men to join them. There are also armed patrols on the streets, but there again, it will probably get sorted because Buner’s police chief, Rashid Khan, has lodged an ‘official complaint’. Oh My! That should do the trick!

Anyone like to bet the whole country will be ruled by the Taliban in just a few short years?

They lost out in Afghanistan because of the international backing for the Karzai government, and I am sure they have now set their sights on ruling Pakistan instead.

A government spokesman Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Information Minister for the North West Frontier Province, is quoted as saying “Sharia Law was implemented because it was the wish of the people”. I would probably vote for it too if I had an AK47 pointed at my head.

According to a spokesman for the Swat Taliban called Muslim Khan, his people want Sharia law in the whole of Pakistan. Ah! The truth will out, eventually!

Mian Hiftikar Hussain is further quoted as saying “the people are with the government and will not back the Taliban if they do not cease their activities”. Oh Really! It’s amazing how convincing an AK up your ‘jacksie’ can be.

Personally, I think it is time for some international cooperation to rid the world of these parasites once and for all. Instead of complaining every time the forces of the USA cross over into Pakistan, or bomb militants from drones, the Pakistani government should be seeking their cooperation in a two-pronged assault from both sides and wipe them out.

Who knows, as a bonus they may get Bin Laden and his henchmen as well.

Peace be upon you.


One Response to “A Foot in the Door and the Castle Falls!”

  1. Phil Says:

    Oh so true!


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