The Mobile Phone – Curse or Blessing?

Unless you are in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Africa, you cannot fail to see a mobile phone, and even there you can’t be sure you won’t come across one. Maybe wandering Bedouin’s or Tuaregs use them to keep in touch with Wall Street.

It is without doubt everybody’s favorite gadget, and judging by the explosion of sales across the world since they were hatched, you would think everyone on the planet has one, not true of course, but there is time yet.

In years to come expectant mothers may have a mobile implanted into their womb so they can talk to their unborn child!

Ring Ring! Mother: “Yes dear?” Baby: “Hi Mum, can you tell me what my name is going to be?” Mother: “Oh dear, your father and I haven’t decided yet.” Baby: “Well you had better decide soon Mum because I’m coming out in two weeks. I rather fancy Charlie.” Mother: “That sounds nice dear. Your Father and I will talk about it. Now please hang up because our phone bill is too high already this month.” Baby: “OK! But Mum, please don’t have curry for dinner tonight it gives you gas and I can’t sleep.” Mother: “Alright dear I won’t. Bye.” .

Who knows what the future holds.

The majority of people today feel they have lost a limb when they don’t have their phone with them, but it can lead to some irritating and often dangerous traits.

Under irritating I would class people who do not switch off their phones when at the cinema, a concert, or in a restaurant. Not only do some have the most annoying ringtones, but when they answer the call they want the whole room to hear their conversation.

“Oi! Shut up over there, I’m trying to charm this young lady into my bed!!!”

The second category i.e. dangerous, is the most common; driving while phoning or texting.

Everywhere you look on the roads today a huge percentage of drivers use the phone while driving. It is against the law, but most people ignore the fact.

This short film shows the danger of this practice:

A young life cut unnecessarily cut short.

Recently a young mother and her small child were killed in England by a driver who was speeding while talking to someone on the mobile phone. He was caught and appropriately punished, but it doesn’t do a lot for the bereaved family and the fact that the mother and child will never know what life had in store for them.

In another case, a Polish lorry driver was convicted after causing an accident on an English motorway while texting. This time a whole family died.

Yesterday I was returning from having my car serviced, and got stuck behind this idiot in the outside lane of a four-lane motorway busy chatting on the phone. He was totally unaware of his surroundings and the line of cars piled up behind him. It is this kind of irresponsible behavior that causes accidents, not that it seemed to bother him.

It is well known there are many ‘hands-free’ kits on the market which can fit all vehicles, but because they cost money, and more importantly, there is no incentive, they stay on the shelf in the store.

It would require a change in all countries existing laws to ensure everyone used ‘hands-free’.

I am not an electronics expert, but I do believe every vehicle could be fitted with a jammer or noise generator that operates as long as it is in motion, and thereby preventing the use of a mobile phone while driving. The range of such a signal can easily be restricted to, for example, two metres which would probably be sufficient. If a vehicle has a built-in hands-free system this would of course not be required. I just cannot believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before.

At least in Europe, every vehicle on the road must have a regular check for road worthiness, and this would be a good time to check each vehicle to see it complies with the law, and the unit is functioning correctly.

I cannot believe that such a small gadget would be expensive to make considering the production levels required, and car manufacturers could be made to fit them to every new car.

To me, this appears a fairly simple solution which would be 100% effective, but it needs the will, and cooperation to put it in place.

In the meantime, people will die or be maimed by the irresponsible.

May your battery never die!


Time for an update: Thanks to my anonymous commentator, I realise that this piece may seem as though I am dead set against mobile phones. Far from it. I know I commented too much on the negative aspects of the mobile, but as was pointed out to me, they can sometimes be a life saver – literally. They do have their good side too, and I also never leave the house without mine.

I think my main concern when writing was the use of mobiles by drivers, and the road safety aspects. Be that as it may, apart from the every day chat, there are circumstances when having a mobile with you (with a fully charged battery of course) can not only be a comfort, but a necessity should you get into trouble. Like all technology. it has its uses.

May your signal be strong when you need it most!


One Response to “The Mobile Phone – Curse or Blessing?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Of course people are overdoing it. I also don’t like it seeing people everywhere with their mobiles. But….
    I cannot live without my phone. I had two bad accidents and this happened when I was out “for just a moment” without my phone. Then – in the forest, far away from home a ligamon crashed and I got stuck – I had to crawl back on my hands and knees 1,5 hours because I didn’t have my mobile with me.
    So – it’s relative – as everything. I don’t dare to do one step out of the house without this gadget. Funny enough – since I decided to see my m mobile as an additional “limb” I didn’t have a serious incident anymore. So….

    Don’t think too bad about people with mobile phones. That would mean you think bad about me also.



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