I Thought The U.N. Was Unbiased!

Oh how naive I am! I have just read a report on the BBC from U.N. investigators under the leadership of Sri Lankan lawyer Radhika Coomaraswamy, and to be honest, I am amazed at the one-sided blame-laying she and her team have indulged in.

Before I go any further, let me state quite clearly, I am not on anybodies side and I do not support the actions of one group against another. Having made that clear I will continue.

According to Ms Coomarathingy, on the 15th of January Israeli soldiers used an 11 year-old boy as a human shield by forcing him to walk down streets ahead of them ‘for several hours’. This is one of ‘hundreds’ of such cases reported by her and the U.N. team for the protection of children.

Her report also includes soldiers shooting Palestinian children, and women, bulldozing a house with a woman and child inside, and shelling a building they had ordered civilians to enter. These, she said were just ‘a few of the incidents’ that had been ‘verified’ by U.N. officials in the Gaza Strip.


Hamas Not Guilty of Using Human Shields?

I guess they must have been talking to Hamas fighters, and civilians with a Hamas gun up their backside to get stories like this. The Hamas propaganda machine is very efficient in such situations.

Worthy of note, is the total lack of commentary on war crimes by Hamas, like using human shields, or shooting from homes, except to say it is ‘under investigation’, which means nothing will ever come of it because it’s an everyday occurrence, and anyway, they are such poor defenceless people.

Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno Yaar told the U.N’s 47-nation Human Rights Council, it was “unable or perhaps unwilling to address attacks against its civilians by Palestinian militants”. He further added, “The report claims to examine Israel’s actions while it wilfully ignores and downplays the terrorist and other threats we face”. He should have added their methods!

An Israeli Military Spokesman dismissed the claims as “inaccurate and politically motivated”. It is obvious that excesses have occurred, and the Israeli Military have confessed this and are dealing with it, but that too is the nature of war. It happened in the Second World War with Allied troops also. In war, none of us are ‘clean’.

All Muslim terror groups like Hamas know full well that in any conflict, the press love to report in full on civilian casualties, and have made good use of this fact.

Perhaps this will help clear it up for you, published with the kind permission of Osama Bin Laden:

Excerpt from a terrorist training manual: “Wow Achmed! Don’t forget, if the cursed Israeli’s shoot in your direction, grab the nearest child or woman! Also, don’t forget to go into the nearest family home if they start shelling you. That way you will be safe, well maybe not, but we will have great propaganda stories to tell the world press and the U.N. OK?” If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny!

Hamas have been using these tactics for years, and yet not one word of condemnation has been seen in the press or from the U.N., not even for the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

I do not condone it, and I do not agree with it, but the thing that sticks in my craw is all the blame is being put on the Israeli’s, while groups like Hamas are all lily white.

In my view, if you cannot report these things totally impartially, you can better keep your mouth shut and stay at home. You certainly have no business in this business!

May your dreams be untroubled.


2 Responses to “I Thought The U.N. Was Unbiased!”

  1. atg141 Says:

    This report that you mention is a legitimate accusation against the IDF, it is never acceptable to use children as a “shield.” You claim that this is simply “the nature of war,” and that “none of use are clean.” Actually, for thousands of years civilizations have set rules regarding proper conduct for war, including our own modern society. War crimes, regardless of who commits them, must be reported, investigated, and the perpetrators punished. This goes for Israel, Hamas, the United States, terrorist organizations — everybody. I don’t understand how you can say that the media is biased against Israel. First of all, Hamas has been recognized as a terrorist organization by many nations including the U.S., so I don’t think your claim that Hamas is “all lily white” is valid. I should say that I agree with Hamas’ cause but definitely not their actions. Meanwhile, Israel continues to block the import of necessary goods to the Gaza strip, effectively punishing innocent civilians for the actions of the militant aspect of Hamas. Unofrtunately, the people in Gaza did elect Hamas into power, but this is what happens when people are forced into a situation where they have no options … I wish that the Palestinians in Gaza would stand up to Hamas and reject their actions, but it is easy to say that as an outsider who is not forced into poverty. And Israel continues to occupy, build and expand on the West Bank, actions that are considered illegal under international law, yet nothing is done to stop them; these are facts that you fail to mention in your post. The fact is, atrocities are committed by all parties involved, and every violation should be punished regardless of who committed them. It is ironic that you complain about a bias against Israel, then proceed to write a one-sided article in support of them. Please, for the sake of conflict resolution, don’t contribute to the distribution of misinformation.


    • Hi ATG,
      Nice to hear your views and I read them with interest. I agree wholeheartedly with some of the things you have said, but, sorry to say, some of your comments regarding the post are totally unfounded. In the first place, the blog was in protest at the distinctly one-sided reporting of Miss Coomareswarmy, not the media in general. Secondly, I made the point very clear in my second paragraph that I do not take sides in the dispute.
      I agree with your statement that civilisations have set standards of conduct during war, but you must agree that since the advent of ‘Total War’ introduced by Adolph Hitler during WW2 and the rise of terrorism during the last 40 years, the lines of decency in warfare have become extremely blurred. Western governments in particular, insist quite rightly that their armed forced conduct themselves in the correct manner on the battlefield, but the insurgents do not feel bound to follow the same rules, hence the use of ‘Human Shields’ by Hamas, Hezbollah, The Taliban and al Queda. I am in full agreement with you on the fact that all persons involved in war atrocities should be punished to the full extent of the law, and I make NO exceptions, a point I have made clear in other blogs on the subject of the Middle East.
      There are photo’s and video enough on YouTube to dramatically back up the ‘Human Shield’ claims against all insurgent groups, including Hamas. If you take the time top watch the following video on YouTube you will see what their attitude to human shields is!

      It is clear you completely misunderstood my remark about Hamas being ‘lily white’ for I in no-way intended that, I meant quite the opposite. It was in fact a satirical comment aimed at the writer of the report who spent all her time criticising Israel without a single word of condemnation for Hamas, who in her eyes, appear to be ‘lily white’. What many, including Miss Coomaraswarmy, don’t want to know is that it has been a Hamas tactic for years to fire at Israeli troops from a family home or a place crowded with civilians in the hope some will be killed for their propaganda purposes. I wrote a blog on the 25/1/2009 o the subject so perhaps it might interest you. Iy will certainly open your eyes to what is really happening: https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2009/01/25/gaza-the-dirty-war/
      Let me make myself perfectly clear: I am fully against the use of human shields and let us not forget that it was the Islamic insurgents who first evoked this tactic
      See the following blog: https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/taliban-revert-to-human-shields/
      It has been revealed recently that the Israeli soldier who used the little boy as a shield is going on trial in Israel for his crime, and because the IMF wish to be seen in proper light, I think he will be justly punished. So far as the other allegations from this woman are concerned, I cannot comment, and neither can anyone else who wasn’t there.
      I think it is important to realise that Israel has been a country under siege since 1948. Attacks against its people are carried out almost daily by groups such as Hamas but this is never reported in the press. However, when Israel says; ‘enough is enough’ and takes action to stop e.g. rocket attacks on its southern towns and villages, it becomes headline news.
      I have to answer your charge of the Israeli blockade. It has been proven time and time again (see YouTube) that Hamas is smuggling arms, ammunition and rockets into Gaza so they may strike at Israel. These items have been hidden in crates of food and clothing etc. You may find it interesting to read an earlier blog of mine (with video) on the subject: https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/humanitarian-aid-my-a/
      I made the point that the people of Gaza voted in a known terrorist group to rule over them, and for me that was a big mistake. You make it sound as if they had no choice, when in fact they did, for all that has done is elevate the problem for the people and prolong their agony with the ceaseless attacks on their neighbour carried out by their leaders. You have to remember that no-one is going to talk with someone who comes to the negotiating table with a gun in their hand.
      Regarding your comment on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, I wholeheartedly agree and you will see that if you read: https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/the-israeli-timebomb/
      You accuse me of complaining about bias against Israel, and you are quite right I do, but only for the simple reason that I feel ALL sides should be equally represented if you wish to report on a world headline situation. This Miss Coomaraswamy did NOT do, she went for the Israeli jugular, giving the impression that Hamas has done nothing wrong. The UN is supposed to be impartial, and that implies its reporting on world events also. If it is not, then it can no longer function as a world governing body.
      My apologies for the constant references to my earlier blogs, but if you really want to know the facts from all sides of the conflict you will find them there.
      I hope now that you have a clearer idea of where I am coming from.
      Best Regards,


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